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Top 10 Cutest Winter – Inspired Nail Art Ideas


Even though the Christmas holidays are over, the winter is still here and that Christmas-y feeling still is fresh. If you’re that kind of person who takes inspiration from the environment and everything that’s going on and you love doing your own nail art as well, we’re certain that doing nail art in the spirit of winter wonderland will the thing for you.

From snowflakes to penguins, these 10 nail art ideas that we chose for you will certainly inspire you to look at winter as something more than just a season. The number of colors might be a little limited, but there is so much that you can do with these winter colors!

1. Snowflake Nail Art

Top 10 Cutest Winter - Inspired Nail Art Ideas


One of the best ways to achieve the winter spirit in your nail art is by adding snowflakes to it. The good this about them is that not only they will can make the nail art look so pretty, but they are also very easy to create! You can play with the base color, or as in this case you can use Opi’s I Don’t Give a Rotterdam nail polish from the Holland collection, JENsensations White Out for the glitter and BK Matte White for the snowflakes.

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