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Top 10 Beautiful and Easy Ponytail Hairstyles


As much as we want our hair down most of the time, having a nice hairstyle every once in a while can do wonders on the way we see ourselves. Good hair days can really boost our confidence because we like the way we look. One of the easiest, yet so pretty hairstyles is the ponytail. There are so many ways you can experiment with it, from having it messy, to side with braids. It’s up to you to choose the ponytail hairstyle you think it looks the best on you, get the needed items and start making the ponytail from your dream!

1. Side Ponytail

side ponytailvia

The side ponytail is one of the easiest way to get a chic pony hairstyle. To get the best look, make sure to use hairspray, rat tail comb, hair tie and a curling iron. This look includes large curls, but if you want to avoid heat or simply leave your hair straight, leave out the curling iron. Even without it, you can get a nice hairstyle. To make your ponytail more fancy, you can use a pretty hair tie as a decoration. A flower, bow, anything that makes you happy!

2. Simple Low Ponytail With Some Twists

Simple Low Ponytail With Some Twistsvia

Instead of the regular, not so always good looking low pony, make a little change by adding mini ponies and twists. Make sections, twist them and tie them into a small ponytails. Do so one or two times more and then tie your hair into one huge ponytail. Finish off the look by using a cute hair tie, such as bows. They look so great and can add some vintage charm to your hairstyle.

3. Fishtail Braid Ponytail

Fishtail Braid Ponytailvia

There’s something about braids that make us want them every day! Fishtail, lace braid, French, Dutch, you name it. Every type of braid looks really awesome. And it’s even more awesome when you combine two so sweet hairstyles into one. In this case, that is the fishtail braid with a ponytail. It’s very easy to make this hairstyle. It includes teasing, making a ponytail and then doing the fishtail braid. It’s simple, and so sweet!

4. Longer and Fuller Ponytail

fuller and longer ponytailvia

This is more of a trick than an actual hairstyle. If you want a simple looking, regular ponytail, but want to make it look longer and fuller than it actually is, just follow these simple steps. They will help you achieve the look you crave and the the trick will surely do it’s magic. Adding some curls to the look can also make the simple pony look more chic!

5. Twisted Ponytail

twisted ponytailvia

Another pony hairstyle that includes twists. Why not twist all the time, when it looks so great? It’s easy and you will love this hairstyle not because it looks beautiful, but because it will also be great choice when dealing with busy days. The video tutorial will provide you all the information you need on this hairstyle. You are going to love it and definitely wear it more than once.

6. 3 Tiered Ponytail

3 tiered ponytailvia

If you want to experiment more with the ponytails, try this one. It’s interesting and very easy to have it! All you need is 3 same – colored hair ties, comb and a hairspray. This is one of the hairstyles that you would like to master, for which you will be grateful when facing a busy schedule. You are going to rock your schedule and still have a good hair day.

7. French Braid Ponytail


Another hairstyle that will especially be loved by the braid lovers. This time we have the famous French braid which makes every ponytail into a perfect hairstyle idea for any occasion. Whether it is a party, meeting or just for a walk in the park! You will find this hairstyle easy, but you may face some difficulties with the braid, if you’re new to this. But, you know what they say – practice makes it perfect!

8. Crisscross Ponytail

criscross ponytailvia

The crisscross ponytail is such an elegant hairstyle! You only need hair ties, bobby pins and a comb. Tease your hair a bit, make a ponytail, but separate two sections of hair on each side. The following process is why this ponytail is called crisscross. It’s all about taking hair sections from the right side and crisscrossing them over the left section and vice versa. So chic!

9. Low Full Pony

low full ponyvia

Low full pony that can be almost classified as messy, and we love it because of that! There is something really attractive in this type of ponytail. First, curl you hair a bit, as it would make it more voluminous. Tease your hair a bit at the crown, gather some hair, push it at the crown and secure it with bobby pins. Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and wrap it. If you want to, you can use a pretty hair tie to make your look prettier!

10. Boho Chic Pony


All boho and messy hairstyle look is the perfect choice especially for festivals. It goes great with the atmosphere. Curl the top layer of your hair and tease starting past the bangs on top. Gather your into ponytail and secure it. Pull tight and pull out strands in order to achieve the messy look. Wrap another piece of hair around the hair tie and you are all done!

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