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Top 10 Adorable Updo Hairstyles For Every Hair Length



Updo’s are one of the best hairstyles for many reasons! They are easy to make, many of them take only few minutes and they are perfect for any occasion. No matter if it’s elegant, messy or braided, the updo hairstyle can be managed for any hair length. Below you will see the 10 hairstyles we picked for you, so if you have short, medium or long hair, you will find a hairstyle suitable for you. The hairstyles have the tutorial, either presented on the picture, or you will find out just by following the link below the picture. We fell in love with these updo’s and we are sure you will as well!

1. Quick and Simple Updo

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This hairstyle is suitable for medium or long length hair. First tease at the crown, smooth out your hair and divide it into 3 section. Again, separate each section into 3 smaller ones and braid only of them. After that, braid together all 3 smaller sections and do this step with the the other big sections. Lose the 3 braids a bit and roll them individually into 3 smaller buns. Secure the updo with pins, apply some hairspray in order so last longer and you’re all done!

2. Easy Braided Updo

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This is one of the hairstyles that will take you literally few minutes to make it. Beginner or advanced, you fill find this hairstyle very easy, and the good part about it is that it’s perfect for lazy or busy days. Separate your hair in two sections and braid each of them. Fold the lower braid inside and secure it with pin. Fold the upper braid around the lower one and secure this one as well with a braid. If you want to, you can leave out a small hair section, as previewed on the picture.

3. Gatsby Updo

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If you have seen the Great Gatsby, you know how gorgeous and fabulous are all the outfits, jewelry and makeup of the actresses. Even though the movie’s plot is based in the 20’s, having a hairstyle as Daisy did will surely be the perfect hairstyle for a party or other special occasion. We fell in love with the 20’s hairstyle on the picture. It’s elegant and very chic! It’s also time – consuming, so we don’t recommend making it last minute. You will need a hairband, curling iron, bobby pins, hair clips, elastic hairbands and a hairspray.

4. Easy Short Hair Updo

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Here’s something for the short hair. It’s really simple making this updo. Take a hair section from the crown, twist it around and tease it. Tuck the hair piece and roll it as bun, secure it with pins. Separate your hair into two other sections (or more if you have longer hair) and repeat the steps again. When tucking and rolling into small buns, make them all 3 close together. Lose a bit if you want a messier look. You can leave out few hair sections at the front, it looks so chic!

5. Elegant Updo

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This updo is very elegant, so it’s no wonder why many celebrities are having it on the red carpet. The good thing is that you don’t have to visit your hairdresser to have it – you can make it at home and look as if you have just got back from the hairdresses. If you’re used to making your own hairstyles, it will take you approximately 3 minutes, and if not, it shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes or so. However, all the effort will be worth it! There is a video tutorial, just follow the link below the picture.

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