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This Drugstore Kit Lets You Do Your Very own Lash Extensions at Residence


I know some individuals swear by lash extensions. And hey, if I was a celebrity, I’;d possibly have ’;em done on the reg. The #wokeuplikethis impact, and in no way getting to apply mascara, are wonderful rewards certainly. Plus, you know how I loathe false lashes, and extensions are typically way far more normal-searching than that.

Problem is, they are costly (assume to pay out $ 150+). And you have to lie there for two hrs whilst they fiddle to get ’;em on. I’;ve got things to do! Places to go! Blogs to publish!

These are the motives why the notion behind Physicians Formula’;s new Eye Booster Quick Lash Extension Kit is very, very appealing to me. In essence, it is this: the look of lash extensions, in two minutes from the comfort of your very own home, and for just $ twenty ($ 15 in the U.S.).

Interesting, appropriate? 

This is what you get in the kit:

The new Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit. The new Doctors Formula Eye Booster Instantaneous Lash Extension Kit.

So there are two prodz, a mascara and a small tube of brush-on fibers. 

The mascara is actually infused with Doctors Formula’;s lash-boosting peptide technological innovation (the exact same stuff that is in their eyeliner). That implies the longer you use this kit, the far more probably you are going to have naturally longer lashes, because the peptide aids issue them to grow long and powerful. (I’;m previously on Latisse, but I can verify that this technological innovation does work—I’;ve noticed outstanding results on people who utilised the eyeliner.)

As for the fibers, I was stunned to find out that they are all-all-natural. They are produced mostly from cellulose, with panthenol and vitamin E. And their colourants are derived from artichoke and basil! Note that the fibres are black, not white, which is a crucial benefit versus a lot of other two-phase lash-building programs.

The mascara and brush-on lash extensions in Physicians Formula's new kit. The mascara and brush-on lash extensions in Doctors Formula’;s new kit.

You may possibly be familiar with the total fiber thing currently, as Tarte has its Best in Faux Lash Extending Fibers and Too Faced makes the Much better Than False Lashes Severe kit (which I recognize was not too long ago reformulated for the worse), and there are other people from less mainstream brand names like Younique. 

But the Physicians kit is way less expensive AND broadly obtainable. The only other one particular I’;ve experimented with is Tarte’;s, and I like Doctors better. So there.

Right here are a couple of suggestions for applying:

Phase 1: Apply Mascara

The Lash Boosting Mascara in Physicians Formula's Instant Lash Extension Kit. The Lash Boosting Mascara in Doctors Formula’;s Instantaneous Lash Extension Kit.

Curl your lashes initial, but I’;d skip any eyeshadow, as there’;s a very good likelihood you may get some mascara on your lids in this method. (I typically do irrespective, since I like to press it right in at the roots.) This mascara is relatively moist, which you require for the fibers to stick to, and it offers you respectable separation. There is practically nothing super-specific about it, but it absolutely gets the occupation completed. 

For best benefits, I recommend doing work on 1 eye at a time, coating the upper lashes only on both the front and back sides. Then go through the rest of the steps on the very same eye instead of jumping back and forth. That way, the mascara stays moist although you move as speedily as attainable to the fiber step…

Stage 2: Coat Wet Lashes in Fibers

The Extensions in Physicians Formula's Instant Lash Extension Kit. The Extensions in Physicians Formula’;s Immediate Lash Extension Kit.

Whilst the mascara is even now moist, you want to get these fibers coating your lashes so they will stick and assist build up volume and length. Make confident you tap off the extra fibers from the wand to avert them landing all over your cheeks, or worse, in your eyes. This is the part in which you really want to get added care, particularly if you wear contacts or have delicate eyes. If you’;re only doing one particular eye and not rushing, it truly is a lot simpler.

I found it worked greatest to hold the wand vertically rather of horizontally, and wiggle it back and forth all in excess of the lashes, alternatively of brushing it by means of. Yes, some fibers will nevertheless fall around your eyes, but you can just sweep them away when you are accomplished (I use the Actual Techniques Duo-Fibre Contour Brush). I’;ve had no troubles at all with the fibers sticking to my makeup.

Step 3: Re-Apply Mascara

Following, seal and set the fibers with yet another coat of mascara on both the front and back of the upper lashes. It can take a bit of finessing to get them in the position you want and without clumps, but with practice you will get the hang of it.

If you are happy with the impact, you can stop here, or…

Step 4: Repeat Methods 2 and 3

I discovered just a single round didn’;t give me enough of a “wow” factor versus a typical volumizing mascara, so I propose going back for at least a single more layer of fibers and mascara. That is when the magic occurs, folks! 

When you’;re done, finish off your lower lashes (no extensions there, since we never want to be like Giuliana Rancic). Then clean up any mess with a brush, Q-tip and non-oily makeup remover, and you’;re great to go!

My Outcomes

At the media occasion to launch the item, they had a makeup artist apply it on us. Here’;s what that turned out like (shocked look and all):

The Physicians Formula Lash Extension Kit, applied by their makeup artist. The Physicians Formula Lash Extension Kit, utilized by their makeup artist.

And here is a much better good quality pic of my very own application at house:

My results with the Physicians Formula Lash Extension Kit. My benefits with the Doctors Formula Lash Extension Kit.

Honestly, I am genuinely satisfied with these results (this is two layers of fibers and NO eyeliner). 

I don’;t know if this kit need to technically be called “lash extensions”, because it really is not so a lot making lashes longer, but THICKER. Which is specifically what I am searching for. It truly is not length that helps make your eyes pop—it’;s obtaining a thick, dark fringe, particularly close to the roots, and which is specifically what this solution can give you. And with no the clumping that is my principal gripe with normal volumizing mascara formulas!

I feel with more practice, I will be able to get even far better results, like the makeup artist did, by concentrating much more fibers at the roots.

The downsides of this kit are that it really is a little messy, and it really is a lot more time-consuming to apply. But hey, for the value and the dramatic benefits, I’;m a lot more than inclined! Allow me know what you consider?

In which To Purchase

Discover the Doctors Formula Lash Extension Kit at:

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