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The Greatest Natural Hydrating Serum


Last week, I had my makeup carried out at a beauty occasion. As the guy was meticulously applying layers and layers of eyeshadow, I heard the dreaded words.

“Your skin is so dehydrated.”

It is?

At very first, I felt like the victim of beauty shaming. Who was he to pass judgement on my skin’;s water levels? Isn’;t absolutely everyone who lives in Canada, in March, dehydrated?

Then I considered, effectively, possibly my skin is drier due to the fact I stepped up the Retin-A, due to the fact I ran out of thyroid supplement, because with out it, I get a lot more acne-prone. (Not that I’;m about to describe my thyroid status to a random judgey makeup artist, or expect him to have a clue what I’;m talking about.)

And then, last but not least, I realized what was most likely the genuine issue. I hadn’;t been using my HydrExtreme recently.

Everyone needs a bottle of Consonant HydrExtreme. Absolutely everyone wants a bottle of Consonant HydrExtreme.

If you’;ve been reading through right here for a even though, then you have most likely heard me mention it on a number of events. According to my data, Consonant initial launched HydrExtreme in 2012, and I’;ve been a devoted fan ever since—well, except when I’;m undertaking my due diligence to test out other items, like at the time of this makeup artist incident. (You can bet I went back to HydrExtreme that quite evening, and right away, I noticed a difference.)

I knew it already, but that expertise just re-confirmed in my thoughts: HydrExtreme is the Ideal all-natural hydrating serum. Heck, I feel it’;s the very best hydrating serum, period. So voilà, it is substantial time the product received its own devoted website post.

The explanation I was at first attracted to HydrExtreme is because it really is 100 % organic, and has an impossibly quick ingredients listing:

Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide, Vegetable Glycerine.

Just two issues. Two! When has that ever occurred in the historical past of beauty products? 

Have you ever seen an ingredients list this minimal? Have you ever witnessed an components list this minimal?

Cassia angustifolia, also identified as senna, is a polysaccharide-wealthy plant, native to India, that has historically been utilized as a laxative. In skincare, the extract is a conditioning agent that acts like a organic hyaluronic acid, penetrating the dermis to supply moisture, increase elasticity and help in tissue restore and safety. In reality, cassia angustifolia seed extract has been clinically proven to provide superior and longer-lasting hydration advantages compared to hyaluronic acid. (In my knowledge, this is 25 percent correct. Here are a lot more of my ideas on hyaluronic acid). It also has an anti-inflammatory action that can benefit conditions this kind of as acne and eczema.

The other ingredient, glycerin (glycerine?), is a light-weight hydrator that helps attract water into the skin. But it needs to be with the cassia angustifolia seed extract. The reason becoming, unless of course you reside in a humid environment where glycerin can pull moisture from the air, it will draw it from the deeper layers of your skin rather, drying you from the within out. Because the cassia extract is a lot more occlusive, it assists create a barrier towards water reduction. So put both elements collectively and it truly is the best blend! No icky petroleum or mineral oil required.

(And now it helps make total sense to me that the other serum I would been testing, NiaSerum, was drying me out. It consists of just glycerin and niacinamide, so practically nothing occlusive to stop water reduction. Properly, maybe that is okay for individuals in Australia, exactly where it’;s manufactured, but not wintry Canada!)

Have I convinced you that you need this yet? Have I convinced you that you need this but?

But back to HydrExtreme. I feel we’;ve established that it works—and it works actually nicely! Appropriate away, it softens any dehydration lines, specifically underneath the eyes, and I’;ve found the moisture stays with you for much longer than with other goods I have experimented with (hyaluronic acid, I’;m searching at you). It also feels like a dream to apply. The texture is a clear, watery liquid that’;s not greasy at all, and sinks in speedily. 

Individuals with oily or acne-susceptible skin often worry about lotions clogging their pores or producing their skin also greasy, so this is in fact the excellent way to get your hydration in. And if your skin is on the drier side, HydrExtreme is good to layer underneath or mix with your typical moisturizing cream for an extra hydration increase. I generally do that in the winter, and then in the summertime, I will just wear it alone under sunscreen—it’;s that hydrating. For eczema, dermatitis or severe dryness, you can apply it much more often, a number of instances every day.

An additional cause to really like this is because Consonant is a Canadian firm targeted on natural skincare and with wonderful ethics—so I’;m really satisfied to support them. 

I am quite confident I am now on my 4th or fifth bottle of HydrExtreme, and would bathe in this things if I could! Need to I just get in touch with it my #LifeSerum from now on?

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