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Surface Piercings – Everything You need to Know About It


Surface Piercings. As mentioned in my other post on cartilage piercings, I am a huge tattoo and piercing fan and have many of my own, 5 of which are surface piercings. I have two in my nape, two in my chest and one in my wrist. This post is an insight of what to expect, how to care for and the pros and cons of surface piercings.

What is a surface piercing? A surface piercing is a piercing ‘sewn’ through flat skin. It is important to know your type of skin before going for a surface piercing. The more elasticity you have in your skin the better it is for surface piercings. I remember going to get a corset piercing down my right hand side. I was going for twenty piercings that day and was told I could not have them done because my skin is not stretchy enough to hold them in. If your skin has no elastic quality, your skin will reject the piercing and effectively just push them out through your skin and you will be left with piercing scars. Other parts of the body will hold surface piercings such as the nape and this is due to the amount of skin in one area. Other surface piercings include nipples and bridge and are not to be confused with dermal piercings which go ‘into’ the skin through one hole.

Where to get your surface piercing? Surface piercings can be done by any professional qualified to perform piercings. DO NOT get piercings done by an amateur or round your friends house. There is a risk of dirty equipment and this will lead to infection. Having your piercing safely done by a professional will limit the risk of infection. Be sure that all equipment is sterile before use. Professional piercers will open sterile equipment in front of you.

This following video shows how a professional surface piercing is performed in a sterile environment by a professional piercer. Via.

[embedded content]

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