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Style Guide: 7 Creative Ways to Wear Pearls


Naturally grown or attentively nurtured in oyster farms, pearls are the queens of stylish jewelry. They’ve been the long-standing royalty of luxury items for centuries. One way or another, their timeless charm creates a pathway through centuries of style and spoil.

Pearls are certainly versatile. They complement all ages and all complexions. They make a statement on their own while having the fine versatility to be worn with other jewelry as well. Pearls are the timeless must-have for every woman.

If you haven’t considered the somewhat pretentious yet delicate creamy orbs as jewelry, this style guide is for you.

1.      Pearl Strands

One simple pearl strand is sufficient to draw attention when you walk into a crowded room. Pearl strands come in various lengths and colors, depending on the color of the pearls. A short pearl necklace that perfectly wraps around the neck is bound to make an impression.

Now imagine several pearl strands of varying lengths adorning your outfit. They will create a fantastic dramatic effect without any seeming effort. For a creative touch, tie the pearl strands in a knot that will create a tassel at the loose end.

This tip will give an edgy look an extra pinch of style and chic paired with a daring touch. Keep in mind that the strands don’t need to be a perfect match. The more pearl colors and shapes you wear, the more dramatic the effect.

2.      Long Pearl Necklaces

If you’re more daring with your outfit choice, then this style tip is for you. When choosing a dress with a deep neck and back scoop, consider one or two long strands necklaces to go with it. This time, the pearl necklaces won’t be just stunning jewelry. They will also be clothing items, draping nicely on both sides of the scoop.

3.      Pearl Hair Accessories

A pearl-embellished hairdo is a chic way to create a stunning appearance. Hairpins that feature even one pearl are the handiest accessory to create a pearl-embellished hairdo. Perfect for a glimmering evening look, pearl hair accessories can be purchased as such or you can create them yourself.

String more pierced pearls on an elastic support and wrap it around your hairdo. The effect will be dazzling. However, you should keep away from the bridal look that features neatly arranged pearls. Try achieving a messier hairdo with pearl hair accessories applied in a random pattern. The stylish edge of your look is ensured.

4.      Statement Pearl Necklaces and Bracelets

Pearl necklaces and bracelets are self-standing statement pieces. Typically, they wouldn’t need any addition. Nonetheless, what if you could create a more edgy jewelry item simply by adorning the clasp?

Pearl necklaces and bracelets haven’t changed much through time. A simple clasp is sufficient for a classy look. For a more stylish edgy look, add a black velvet ribbon to the clasp. For a pearl necklace, you can leave the bow tails draping for a chic addition.

Satin ribbons also work, especially when paired with pearl bracelets. As for pearl necklaces enhanced with such lush details, you can also affix a cameo brooch to the ribbons for a vintage effect.

5.      Pearl Body Jewelry

Pearls easily transcend style boundaries. From the single pearl earrings to pearl body jewelry, there’s no role that pearls aren’t fit for.

More recent takes on bring out their rebellious side. Worn on navel rings, nose rings or eyebrow rings, pearls are delicately glamorous and against clichés at the same time.

6.      Pearl Clothing

Pearls are making a more striking appearance on clothing items. Tapping into this new trends is a creative way to both wear pearls and revamp your wardrobe. A bland piece in your wardrobe can become a glamorous item with just a few pierced pearls sewn on the fabric.

One way to integrate pearls in your wardrobe is to replace a shirt’s buttons with pearl buttons. The creamy orbs will become the center of attention.

7.      Pearl Embellished Sunglasses

They need not be clutched together in a jewelry item. There are other creative ways to wear pearls and most have to do with accessories. A pearl-embellished clutch, hat or a chic pair of sunglasses are bound to become the centerpieces of your look.

They have been the definition of style for a long while. Now, they’re back in fashion and the best way to tap into their timeless charm is to take advantage of new trends. Wear classic strings in new, creative ways or choose some dazzling accessories to create the look that fits you.

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