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Short Height Guys Fashion-20 Outfits for Short Men


Outfit trends and styles for short men. If you are reading this article, chances are that you possess a short height and are wondering what kind of outfit style suits you best. Being short has both its perks and challenges; short people can look just as stylish and charismatic in a large variety of outfits as people who support medium or tall heights. Short men often struggle to find the right kind of fashion for them that won’t let them look shorter, if not any taller. Whether or not you are trying to look taller, there are things you can keep in mind while buying outfits that can help you carry your height wonderfully.

Short Height guys fashion – 20 outfits for short men

There are few things short men should take into account, such as avoid loading themselves with too many clothing items while dressing up (unless it’s winter, but you can also dress up smartly to avoid looking loaded with lots of clothes), avoiding bow ties and cuffs etc. Your posture can also help you look taller and going for a short hairstyle rather than long hairs can also compliment your h7 Check out these outfits styles to help you with your shopping.

#20 Small Plaids

Don’t wear shirts with large checks, rather go for smaller ones. Large prints and checks can make you look shorter. This look would be further enhanced if you use one of these Preppy hairstyes for men.



#19 Avoid Clutter

Avoid clutter in your dressing, whether it be in dress items of color-scheming. Pick a monochromatic color scheme. Avoid loud colors and patterns with lots of colors, shades and motifs flowing in every direction.



#18 Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are known for making you look slim and tall. Go for them.



#17 Blazers

Let no one convince you that short men shouldn’t wear blazers; just go for a proper fitting.



#16 Fitting Clothes

Fitting clothes look great on short men, you can experiment with some trendy hairstyles for a cool look to go with your dressing.



#15 Ties

Short men need the attention of onlookers to be drawn upward, and ties do just the thing. Right choice of ties can really go well with your h7



#14 Jackets

Jackets builds the shoulders and make them look stronger, which is a good thing for both tall and short men. If you are looking for some casual wear outfits, have a look at this collection of David Beckham Casual Outfit Ideas.



#13 V-Necks

V-necks are great for short people because they create illusion of length. Avoid round necklines altogether.



#12 Suits

Don’t hesitate to putting up a suit, use a slim tie and pick a fitted tailored suit. Add more style to the look by choosing from one of ours 15 latest sexy beard styling ideas for swag.



#12 Short Sleeves

As a guy with short height, you should have more portion of your body in the display. Go for short sleeves instead of full length ones.



#11 Shorts

Short pants look great on short guys – perks of being short.



#10 Go No-Cuff

Short men should avoid cuffs because they draw the attention downwards. Go cuff-free for both sleeves and pants. Your pants should not be long enough to reach your shoes, rather let them break slightly before the shoes.



#9 Shorter Shirt Lengths

Avoid shirts with a longer length, go for shorter ones.



#8 Matching Belts

Belts can make your horizontal length prominent, hence making you appear shorter. If you want to wear a belt, go for the one matching with your dress in color.



#7 Hats

Hats are your friends because they draw the sight upward.



#6 T-shirts for Short Men

T-shirts with vertical motifs printed on them are suitable for short guys. Motifs that direct the attention of people upward should be preferred while shopping printed t-shirts.



#5 Vertical Textiles

No one said short people can’t wear funky textile patterns, just go for vertical designs to create illusion of length.



#4 Shoes to the Rescue

Right choice of shoes can help you look a bit taller. Pick any sophisticated or super-stylish boots that support your h7



#3 Fitted and skinny jeans

Everyone loves skinny jeans and why not, they always look great. Short men can also freely pick a fitted jeans to go with any kind of shirts.



#2 Work Outfits for Short Men

Plain light shirts are always a wise choice of short men, they look sophisticated and you can add some style tweaks such as the vertical stripe shown below.



#1 Love your height and be comfortable in your skin

If you are tired of people telling you what to wear and what not to wear, just go with your own style. Confidence adds a strong enigma to your personality. So enjoy your height and experiment with your style. Like the these two super-stylish men from Hollywood who are known to be short at h7 Check out these style galleries of Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy for inspiration.

James-McAvoy-Daniel-Radcliffe-2015-Jameson-Awards-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-1 (1)


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