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Q: What Haircut Will Maintain My Prolonged Hair Out Of My Face?


Want your personal hair consultation from Toronto-based celebrity hairstylist Bill Angst? Send at least TWO well-lit, ideally hi-res photographs of you (one shut-up, 1 total-physique) with a quick description of your hair texture, colour and main hair challenges to data@beautyeditor.ca with “Bill Angst Hair Consultation” in the subject line.

Danica wants her hair out of her face. Danica wants her hair out of her encounter.

Q: My hair is a organic dark brown colour, and is usually on the fine and straight side. I have struggled for as prolonged as I can don’;t forget with obtaining a lower that will hold my hair out of my encounter, although nevertheless trying to keep my hair schedule as basic as attainable. Thank you for your time! — Danica

Danica wants to keep her hair routine simple. Danica wants to preserve her hair schedule easy.

A: Danica, thank you for this request for a consultation. I take place to really like your hair as is, but I will answer your query about how to hold your hair out of your eyes.

Apart from a ponytail or pinning your hair back, the only way accomplish this is by cutting a bang.

Here are a couple of lengths and bang types that would suit you and your hair. You can combine and match the diverse lengths and bangs at your free of charge will.

Zooey Deschanel in a lipstick ad for Rimmel. Zooey Deschanel in a lipstick ad for Rimmel.

There are only a handful of heads of prolonged hair that we can minimize to preserve the hair from falling in the encounter. That is why the side component and the tuck behind the ear became so common. Redistributing your hair by utilizing a centre or off-centre part helps keep away from the heavy side falling in your face as well, but still a pin or tuck is needed to keep it off your face completely.

With this look to present off the texture, I would include some highlights—mostly on the ends—to steer clear of the root problem.

Rose Byrne in Madison magazine. Rose Byrne in Madison magazine.

The way this cut is carried out, with the choppy bangs and ends, will perform properly with your natural stunning colour. This is my favourite minimize for you.

Gemma Arterton at the 2009 BAFTA Tea Party. Gemma Arterton at the 2009 BAFTA Tea Get together.

There is far more skin on your forehead exposed, consequently the dark colour will not near in your encounter. With a single of the other bang variations and this dark colour, it will be a much more dramatic effect—which can be super-great, but a bit much more extreme.

I hope this will serve you well with your quest for one thing new.


Bill Angst is one particular of Canada’s prime celebrity hairstylists and the owner of Angst Salon at 240 Queen Street East in Toronto. Phone 416-360-5942 to guide an appointment.

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