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Outfits for Winter Wedding – 19 Amazing Winter Dresses for Wedding


Outfits for Winter Wedding. Winter may not be the high time for many weddings but still, there are many invites that you get for winter weddings. People worry how will they dress up, and whether the dress will be able to keep them warm or not?

Well first of all worry less, as the bride and groom would’ve definitely opted for a closed venue or a venue where there is a proper heating system.

How to Dress Stylishly for Winter Weddings

However, there are some useful tips and tricks that will work all the time. RECOMMENDED: Wedding Dresses with Open Back; 30 Different Looks to Copy

  • Don’t wear a hat, as it can hide or ruin your hairstyle
  • Closed – toe shoes should be given great importance
  • Wear an outwear which will be even rocking for outdoor photo shoots as well

There are many ideas we’ve combined for you to rock weddings this winter.

#19: A Woolen Dress

When it comes to weddings, women usually consider wearing chiffon or other such material dresses. But here’s a great hack to dress up in winter weddings, opt to wear a woolen dress. This will keep you warm and you can also choose the cut, color, and dress of the length according to your own level of comfort.


#18: Add Vintage Style to Your Dress

Another ideal way to go about the dresses, especially if you’re the bridesmaid is that wear your silky satin dresses and to add some more charm wear fur wrap-ups. This style isn’t only vintage but looks classy if combined with heels and side buns. This will also give you a prominent position among the rest of the guests at the wedding. If you’re going to a garden or vineyard wedding then vintage style would definitely be the best option, for more ideas, here are What to Wear for Vineyard Wedding-18 Outfit Ideas


#17: A Bold Colored Velvet Dress

Winter automatically makes us more inclined towards thick textured clothing. A similar idea can be applied to winter wedding dresses as well. You can wear an off shoulder, long velvet dress. You can choose bold and dark colors to add more charm. This can be worn with simple black stilettos to complete the look.


#16: Winter Wedding Dress Idea for Teen Girls

Girls always want to look stylish and different at all the occasions. To resolve this issue of teen girls, we have the best wedding dress style for them as well! Wear a shimmery and glittery top with black leggings and black top. This is an ideal winter wear. The look can be further enhanced with smokey eye makeup and long loose hair.


#15: Play with Neutral and Dark Tones

Another fun way to go about your dress is to wear neutral and dark tones together. Wear a lightly textured dress and wear a leather jacket over it. This looks very edgy and chic at the same time. You can carry this look to weddings in winter without any trouble.


#14: Long Skirts For The Win

We are sure most women must own a long skirt or two. The great deal about long skirts is that you can combine them with feminine tops and use them as a wedding attire. The overall covered dress is ideal for the chilly days and you can add accessories to make it look fancier. A statement necklace and a contrasting clutch would be perfect.


#13: Keeping it Simple!

A nice and simple way to dress up for winter weddings is to wear a black blouse with black skirt and leggings are optional. An overall black attire looks really classic and if you want to add something more than opting to wear a statement necklace with a contrasting clutch, this will instantly uplift your whole look for the wedding.


#12: Hairstyle for Winter Weddings

With your shimmery and dangly dresses, you should also be aware how to style your hair accordingly. An ideal way is to create a messy side braid or a messy side bun. This adds drama to the look and gives you a different look than the typical hairstyles.


#11: Fifty Shades of Gray

Grey is usually considered as a dull color in contrast to many other colors, but we will tell you some great ways to combine different shades of gray to make it a perfect wedding dress. You can wear a frilly/ net skirt in light gray tone and comparatively darker tone of the top. Add some gray footwear and wear a bold red lip shade to compliment the look.


#10: Long Floral Dresses, The Safest Option

We all agree floral prints are the real savior for women in all situations and are a perfect fit for all occasions and every event. If you really don’t know or are confused what to wear to a winter wedding then simply wear a long floral print dress. This will look absolutely right for the event and you won’t have to mix and match a lot to create the flawless look.


#9: Festive Footwear for Winter Weddings

An important tip that must be always remembered is that try to wear closed – toe shoes to winter weddings. These are very beneficial and complete the whole look very easily. A smart way is to buy a pair of black pumps, these compliment with most of the dresses very easily.


#8: Add Faux Fur Coat

Women usually don’t prefer to purchase additional or new dresses for winter weddings as these are not huge in number. An easy solution for this is that you can simply pull over a mid length faux fur coat. This will give it a winter look and the dress ideal for winter weddings. RECOMMENDED: Outfits with Faux Fur Coat; 20 Ways to Wear Faux Fur Coat


#7: The Fairy Tale Look

For young ladies, a good and easy way to look stylish is to wear a plain white sweater and combine it with net skirt. This looks very girlish and gives you the perfect look that you want to acheive.


#6: Winter Wedding Dress for Plus Size Women

Plus size women don’t need to feel shy as they can look beautiful and stylish even at wedding events. They must avoid extra loose or baggy dresses, instead, they can wear dark tones dresses which have the desired curves, like belt or bow on the waist. This will flaunt the whole look.


#5: The Chic Girl Style

Another chic style for girls is to wear a light tone dress with a black coat and other black accessories. To further add on to the look carry a clutch which is the same color as the dress.


#4: A Full Tulle Maxi For Daytime Look

If the wedding that you have to attend is daytime event than opting to wear a beige full tulle maxi and wear a black lace top with it. This is very effortless look and can make you stand out among others.


#3: Add a Little Velvet

A nice way to carry dresses for winter weddings is to add a little velvet to the costume. Wear a velvet top and you can wear it with a contrasting tone skirt or maxi which is readily available in your closet. Velvet is perfect for the winter season because it keeps you all warm and comfortable in the chilly weather. Here are some amazing Velvet Outfit ideas-20 Ways to Wear Velvet Dresses Stylishly


#2: Go Classy with Trench Coats

Trench coats are everyone’s favorite and they make any attire look fabulous. Pull a patterned trench coat over your plain dress and you are ready to rock the winter wedding look.


#1: Go Bold with Cheetah Prints

A simple and easy way to uplift the dress is to wear cheetah print top or carry an accessory of cheetah print with red or any other bold color. This is easy and readily available in the girls closet.


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