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Monday Outfit Ideas For School-18 Dressing Options For Girls


Monday Outfit Ideas For School . Dreading Monday after a great weekend? Having to go back to school after the weekend is surely a horrible feeling. Well, guess what? Monday mornings do not necessarily have to suck. The best way to brighten up your Monday and begin a flawless brand new week is by putting an effort into styling your outfit for the day. Putting together a good outfit especially for that day will not only make you feel good and confident about yourself but it will also impress everyone around you. Since it is the first day of the week at school, you need to look fresh without spending too much time dressing up in the morning. For that we have compiled 18 stylish dressing options for you girls out there to help you decide your outfit for school and beat the Monday blues. Have a look!

What to Wear to School on Monday

Monday Outfit

#18 – Casual Denim Dress For School

Everyone knows that denim is in trend this season. So why not wear it to school as well? Whether it is sunny or chilly, you can wear denim in every weather in different styles. Such as a denim short dress for summers, denim jacket for winters or the much hyped denim on denim look.

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#17 – Keep It Simple

Keeping in mind the limited amount of time you have to dress up in the morning, simplicity is the way to go. Apart from the fact that it will require minimal time and effort to dress up in a simple outfit, it will also make you look elegant and casual. For that you can simply pair a shirt with tights, and add a scarf for a chic look.

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