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Men’s Fall Colours – 15 Best Colours to Wear in Fall for Men


Men’s Fall Colors – It is time for the best season of the year! As autumn season is approaching, the color palettes all around us are changing. Be it the nature’s leaves or our own clothes, fall vibes are everywhere. And aligning your outfits with the seasonal change can be a bit of a challenge. Along with the change in color tones, it is also getting colder by the day. Saying goodbye to your cute summer dresses may be a little hard but let us be honest, everyone loves fall fashion and styles.

This is the best time to make your style statement and be creative with what you wear. You might think that you would have to go on a long shopping spree to put a fall outfit together but that is not true! We all have have stuff in our wardrobes that has been lying there for a long time because we didn’t know how to style it. Worry no more, after reading this article you will know exactly how to put them to use and create a perfect fall outfit with the right colors.

What Colors to Wear in Fall for Men

Fall outfits are all about knowing how to layer the right way and wearing the best colors. With a good sense of fashion and inspiration, you can turn the simplest pieces of clothing into an eye-catching outfit just by putting it together wisely. For selecting a fall outfit, the first thing you should know is what colors to wear. Generally speaking, shades of brown, yellow and green will be your best friends. Here are a few colors that are in trend this fall and look absolutely stunning:

  • Burgundy – dark shade of red.
  • Emerald or Olive green.
  • Mustard.
  • Orange.
  • Brown.
  • Camel.
  • Navy Blue.
  • Dark Turquoise/Teal.
  • Gray.

Now that you have a little sense of which colors to wear, take a look at our collection of 15 different fall outfits with different colors and styles.

colors for fall

↓15 – Emerald Green Fall Outfit

Green tones especially olive and emerald look amazing in fall season. Dont be scared of experimenting. If you are going out casually, you can wear green pants with a subtle colored shirt or maybe a green upper with neutral pants. Do have a look at these 40 Best Fall Fashion Tips for Men.


↓14 – Fall Colors for Semi Formal Events

If you dont want to look too casual and funky, brown and its shades are your go to colors. They look extremely sophisticated and decent. Pair a brown shirt or sweater with dark blue pants and you are good to go.


↓13 – Brown Shirt To Keep It Simple

If you are someone who does not want to put a lot of effort in your clothing, simply pair a brown shirt with jeans and your fall outfit is ready.


↓12 – Blaze It Up With Shades of Red

Different tones of red such as maroon and burgundy are the colors of fall. And the best way to style this color is to wear a blazer of this shade which will not only make you look cool but will also keep you warm.And here are 30 Ways for Guys to Wear Red Pants.


↓11 – Sweaters to Wear in Fall for Men


↓10 – Beige Pants For Day Time

This look is a great inspiration for your daytime looks. Gray shirt, olive green jacket and beige pants. Fall outfit cant get any better than this! Do check out 20 Cool Ideas on How to Wear Sweatpants.


↓9 – Denim Jeans in Fall for Casual Look

These jeans work well throughout the year. You dont need to get new pants for fall as these jeans if paired up with the right shirts and sweaters will give you your required look.


↓8 – Fall Sweatshirts For Teenagers For a Trendy Look

Teens and youngsters these days are all about sweatshirts. They are easy and comfortable to wear and look amazing. Try to go for one in shades of gray or brown. Check out these 27 Ways for Men to Wear Shoes without Socks.


↓7 – Layered Clothing for Fall

You cant do with just one shirt at this time of the year as it has started to get cold. You need to layer up to stay warm and not look too stuffed at the same time. Try to select every layer in a different color. Your inner sweater can be patterned while the outer jacket or blazer should be simple.


↓6 – Ember Color Looks Super Cool

Most of the times you like some unique color but you do not know how to style it with your outfit. Ember is one such color and looks awesome in fall if you know how to wear it. Since it is a very bright color, the rest of your clothing pieces should be dark to balance the look. Here are 18 Outfits with Bomber Jackets for Guys.


↓5 – Fall Colors For Work And Meetings

The safest fall color to incorporate in your business and other formal attire is brown. Brown suits look great in autumn especially in the shade of camel. You can pair it with a white shirt.


↓4 – Turtle Necks For Men in Fall


↓3 – Fall Colors for Accessories

Make sure to sync your accessories with your clothes! This brown hat is a great addition to your fall collection. Here are the Latest Mens Clothing Trends and Fashion Accessories.


↓2 – For Men Who Don’t Like Browns

To be honest, the same fall clothing can get pretty monotonous and tends to bore you. If you are one of those people, you can totally skip the typical colors and wear blues for a change without feeling out of place.


↓1 – Men Shoes For Fall

Bring out those green, red and yellow shoes that have been lying around in your closet as this is the perfect time to wear them. Here is a major shoe style inspiration for you this season. Don’t these green converse shoes look amazing? You definitely need to add one of these to your collection if you don’t already have them.


We hope that this article will help you put together an outfit that makes all heads turn! There are no strict rules for fall colors. Just look at all the nature around you and try to incorporate those colors in your clothing. Stay comfortable, stay classy. It is as simple as that.

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