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Men Long Coat Styles-20 Best Outfits To Wear Long Down Coat


Men Long Coat Styles. Styling your outfits in winter can be tricky. As much of a dilemma it is for women, it may be the same for men. Winter clothing is all about layering the right way and in the right style without causing a fashion disaster. One may think men do not have many options to choose from but that is not true. The ultimate proof of that is the cool and in trend long coat style that never goes out of fashion.

How to Wear Long Down Coat

The best part about these coats is that they can be worn both casually and formally and can be pulled off very easily. If you are clueless about when and how to wear them, do not worry! We have rounded up for you a collection of 20 best outfits to wear long down coat. Have a look:

#20 – With Ripped Jeans For Casual Look

Ripped denim jeans are the most ideal and perfect to give a casual yet trendy look. Pair it with a simple t-shirt, get your favourite coat on and you are good to go whether you are going to run errands or just randomly hanging out with your friends.

Long Down Coat Outfits(1)


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#19 – With Tucked In Turtle neck Shirt

Wondering what to do with your old high neck sweater that is lying around? You can now turn it into a modern outfit simply by pairing it with a long trendy coat and pull it off comfortably.

Long Down Coat Outfits(2)


#18 – Patterned Long Coat To Look Exclusive

For a unique and different look, go for coats with different colours, prints and patterns such as this black and white collared coat. Pair it with a one toned shirt to balance out the look.

Long Down Coat Outfits(3)


#17 – Add A Muffler For Stylish Look

Look at how magically one scarf can transform your entire look and appearance! Wear your favourite coat with a casual sweater and muffler to add extra style to your outfit.

Long Down Coat Outfits(4)


#16 – Double Breasted Style For Trendy Look

A new and fashionable modification of these long classic coats is the double-breasted coat. It is superb for adding a sophisticated look to your outfit if you are going for a meeting or formal event, and it can also be worn for casual parties.

Long Down Coat Outfits(5)


#15 – Slim Collared Long Coat For Men

These slim standing collared long over coats are in trend this season. You can wear them for semi formal events for a unique look and we guarantee that you will have all the spotlight on you!

Long Down Coat Outfits(6)


#14 – Experiment With Different Materials

Try not to stick to the same looks, go for different fabrics and materials for a creative outfit. Such as this long wool-lined black leather coat worn over an asymmetrical blazer. Doesn’t it look absolutely cool and modern?

Long Down Coat Outfits(7)


#13 – With Cool Beanie Cap For Men

Beanies look absolutely cute on men and you should definitely pair it with one of your long coats this winter with a checkered shirt. You can also wear bold framed glasses to give yourself a chic nerdy look.

Long Down Coat Outfits(8)


#12 – Over A Suit For Sophisticated Look

When going to office, meetings or formal social gatherings you can wear suit, tie and complete your look by adding a sophisticated coat to your outfit for a classy and formal look.

Long Down Coat Outfits(9)


#11 – Celebrity Style

You can’t deny David Beckham has an amazing fashion sense. How hot does he look in this completely black attire? All it takes is to pair a black shirt, pant and long coat and you have an extra classy outfit right there!

Long Down Coat Outfits(10)


If you are a fan of Beckham and his amazing style, check out David Beckham Casual Outfit Style – celebrities outfit ideas

#10 – Long Trench Coat Style

You don’t necessarily have to stick to coats of the same lengths. You can also go for a long lengthed trench overcoat to make your own style statement this season.

Long Down Coat Outfits(11)


#9 – For Cozy And Unique Look

Long Down Coat Outfits(12)


#8 – Modern Look For Boys

Since winter is all about fashionably layering, go for a collared shirt, tie, blazer and a knee length coat and see its charm working as we assure all eyes will be on you! You can try this style for date night or any semi formal event.

Long Down Coat Outfits(13)


#7 – Play With Different Textures

Different textured fabrics in one garment is the new in thing. You can incorporate such a style in your collection of winter coats for a cool and trendy look. To further enhance your appearance, you can wear a hat too.

Long Down Coat Styles(14)


#6 – Street Style For Men

This absolutely easy and effortless look does wonders. T-shirt, tracks and a casual coat with rolled up sleeves will give you the much hyped street fashion look.

Long Down Coat Outfits(15)


#5 – Long Fur Coat For Parties

If Kanye West can rock this super cool fur long coat there is no reason why you cannot! You can wear it over a shirt, sweater or even hoodie.

Long Down Coat Outfits(16)


#4 – Wear A Stylish Hat For Contemporary Look

Hats are awesome, but what’s even better is this outfit with long black coat, sweater and skinny pants worn with a hat. It will make you look flawlessly stylish and make all heads turn your way.

Long Down Coat Outfits(17)


#3 – Long Down Coat Outfit For Teens

Are you a teenager looking for outfit ideas this winter? What can be better than this combination of collared shirt, sweater, denim pants and long stylish coat for you this winter. Try this look and impress everyone around you, socialise with confidence and make lots of new friends!

Long Down Coat Outfits(18)


#2 – Long Coat Outfit For College

To create a perfect outfit when going to school or college, a cute wool coat will do the job of keeping you warm and comfortable all day long.

Long Down Coat Outfits(19)


#1 – Knee Length Down Coat

Long Down Coat Outfits(20)


Now that you have seen some of the best outfit combinations with coats of every style, for every occasion and for every look you must have a clear idea of how to incorporate these amazing coats in your wardrobe. Use these ideas and tips to design your own statement outfit this season and stand out from the rest of the crowd wherever you go. Don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comments!

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