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Luxuriously Indulgent! Sabon Bath & Body Care Products


Whether you are getting ready for work, preparing for a trip, or taking a soothing bath, incorporating just a touch of indulgence to your daily routine can make all the difference. And that’s what the luxury bath and body brand Sabon offers with their natural ingredients based, deliciously scented products (including body scrubs, shower oils, rejuvenating bath salts, handmade soaps and much more!) to help you feel fresh and indulged.

Sabon Bath & Body care range

Body Lotion Delicate Jasmine ($ 25) – Infused with a blend of natural oils including olive oil, avocado, borage and wheat germ that are rich in omega 3+6+7+9 and vitamins A and E,  it comes in a beautiful glass bottle. How soothing is this body lotion? Let me count the ways: the delicately fresh jasmine flower scent that lingers softly (and it’s not overwhelmingly floral), the nourishing non-greasy formula that soaks in quickly; and the fact that it’s gentle being free of harsh chemicals including parabens and mineral oil.

Sabon Body Lotion Delicate Jasmine

Rich Lip Gloss ($ 14) – Packed with a healthy dose of nourishing ingredients like olive oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil, vitamin E and aloe vera extract to soothe, Sabon’s Rich Lip Glosses have an ultra hydrating, creamy formula that isn’t tacky or sticky. Whether worn alone or on top of lipstick, this lipgloss keeps my lips soft, supple and well-moisturized throughout the wear time.

Sabon Rich Lip Glosses

I tried 3 shades – Autumn Sunset (coral), Rose Dawn (nude), and African Amber (rich bronzy brown). All the shades are pretty with slight shimmer and add a sheer, natural flush of color to lips. They have a light, sweet scent/flavor that I like! These glosses are truly a treat for dry lips and will be a staple in my purse!  

Cleansing Facial Toner Ocean Secrets ($ 21) Enriched with white tea extracts, this is a gentle facial toner designed for all skin types including sensitive. It is hard to find a good toner without alcohol but this one is! It sweeps away the last traces of makeup effectively after cleansing and refreshes my skin without leaving dry or tight. The alcohol-free formula also contains natural ocean plants, glycerin and aloe to soothe your skin.

Sabon Cleansing Facial Toner Ocean Secrets

If you’re looking for a deliciously indulgent bath and body care line, Sabon is absolutely worth checking out! And with Mother’s Day right around the corner, you can also take advantage of their current promotion i.e. 20% off discount on all gift sets that come with a beautiful assortment of their best -selling products!

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