How Top Male Celebrities Would Look if They were Women-Check These 25 Men | Beauty


How Top Male Celebrities Would Look if They were Women-Check These 25 Men


How Top Male Celebrities Would Look if They were Women. In one word, it would be hilarious. And who doesn’t need a good laugh every now and then. Today we’ll be looking at some of the most popular celebrities including politicians, actors and singers, and seeing how they would have looked like if they had been born as the opposite gender. We are sure you’ll find this to be ridiculously hilarious and you might even wonder who has the time to do this stuff but the aim is to just give you something to smile about.

Male Celebrities as Females

male celebrities as women

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Some think they would look disgusting or creepy, others think they would still look as hot as they do now. Thanks to photohsop and other photo editing tools, we can now actually find this out. In case any of them ever considers gender changing then they’ll surely find this post helpful though. So we have compiled together for you the pictures of some of the best celebrities, dressed up as women and well, we personally feel that some of them actually look better as women! Let us know what you think.

#25- Roberta De Niro

male celebrities female version (1)

#24- Barack Obama

male celebrities female version (2)

#23- Eminem

male celebrities female version (3)

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#22- Justin Beiber

male celebrities female version (4)


 21- Taylor Lautner

male celebrities female version (5)

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