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How to Wear Saree for Short Height? 14 Pro Tips for Short Girls


Saree for short height girls Saree standouts amongst the most prominent Indian clothing which has an ageless interest. It’s mainstream is in India as well as in other parts of the AsianSub-Continentt, in truth now it’s even prevalent in the Western countries. It is reigns as the most vital clothing in each Indian lady’s closet.

The unfading interest of saree can only be well-kept-up if it is draped impeccably. A saree worn in an untidy way can ruin your day. Ladies bashful away from wearing sarees as they feel that it will look graceful just on tall and slim ladies However, in all actuality a saree is for every single lady regardless of the possibility that you are short, you can look exquisite and sophisticated by remembering a couple points in mind. If you have a short height and are looking for some inspiration then you should definitely have a look at what these ladies with short height have accomplished: 10 Short Height Plus Size Models Breaking the Stereotypes.

There are numerous methods for draping a saree which one can pick according to the event. This article will let you know How to wear a Saree regardless of the possibility that you are short.

How to Wear Saree if You Have Short Height

saree styles for short height girls

14. Say No to heavy and broad border

Heavy and broad borders naturally decrease the visual length of the saree, making you look shorter than you are. Go for a saree that has a simple and light border, preferably a thin one. A thin border will help lengthen your tallness. Konkona Sen, the Bollywood actress is only 5 feet 1 inch tall which is why she never wears sarees with heavy borders. Instead, she opts for plain sarees or ones with simplest borders. RECOMMENDED: How to Wear Saree Tutorial-Step By Step Guide to Drape Saree

13. The Savior – High Heel

While you may perhaps be a young woman who likes heels and wearing a saree without heels is genuinely inadequate. In any case, it is critical to pick the right pair of heels. One might love wedges but if you are going in a formal event and wearing a light printed chiffon sari, then wedges won’t be the best pick to put on. One should go for shiny and glossy heels over chunky ones. On the off chance that you’re not open to wearing stilettos, wear square heels that aren’t too thick to help you appear to be tall and thin Additionally, keep away from super high heels, as that can draw a separate look with respect to your shoes and a long way from your saree. High heels are normally intended to expand your tallness and get the perfect graceful look in the saree. Pencil heels can be the perfect choice if you can handle them.


12. Go for a slim fit petticoat / wear jeans underneath

Petticoat plays a vital role for short heighten girls and can incorporate a significant measure of extra weight to your body, so every one of those mummy underskirts – dump them! Go for a fitted one that holds fast to your waist, isn’t firm and won’t pack up under your sari.

To have a perfect look of your saree it relies on upon your petticoat selection, so dependably go for a thin fit. Also, your petticoat ought to be lower leg length that is you can say ankle length. One mystery hack is to dispose of the loose fitting petticoat and a go for tight skinny jeans that are especially fitted if you understand that you’re wearing it only for a short duration, then wearing jeans underneath a saree is an incredible decision all as it will put accentuation on your body figure and improve your stature. For more tips, check out 14 Most Elegant Saree Designs; Saree Wearing Tips and Ideas


11. Pin it right!

Placing the pin at the right place also plays a significant role for young ladies with short h7 The way you pin your saree can be conceivably represent the critical moment for the look! It can either make you look truly remarkable or truly muddled and unflattering. When creasing your saree, keep the creases little and overlap them in skillfully.


10. Choose the right fabric!

Picking the correct texture and material of cloth for saree is critical in looking the way you need to look. A saree with light weight material will make you look taller as it will wrap around your abdomen right. A thick or heavy material cloth of saree won’t be a good decision for short heighten ones and can make you look somewhat shorter and ever more will put more weight on your body.

See these photos of Vidya Balan and Juhi Chawla and you can make the comparison yourself. While both the actresses are almost the same height and weight, wearing the same color of saree, Vidya’s choice of saree fabric makes her look much heavier and hence shorter as compared to Juhi’s.

9. Give a miss to big print

Basically, one ought to evade intense enormous prints as they cover more space, which is the primary motivation behind why you shouldn’t go for a saree. They make you look broader than you are, and there won’t be a ‘break’ in the pattern. So go for smaller prints as they stream better with the texture and make you look leaner and taller. Sarees with thin borders will make you look tall. To have an intense look, pick a saree in a solid dark color. Plain sarees with a dark color border will make you look lovely.

One of the tiniest actresses of Indian television, Sarah Khan has always looked amazing in sarees since she chose small prints which went with her petite figure.

8. Right hairdo!

A hairdo can go far in making you look taller. It’s an awesome styling hack that can include or subtract impressive weight or height from your body. A high bun – untidy or slick can give you a taller look. Try not to part your hair in the middle as it’ll give you a rounder face that will make you look shorter! RECOMMENDED: 20 Cute Celebrities Inspired Hairstyles to Wear With Saree


7. Go for statement jewelry

An excess of gems or too little can likewise make you look shorter. Add proclamation pieces to your look that’ll just make the whole outfit look longer. Long jewelry can help lengthen your edge. Simply ensure you don’t wear all pieces of jewelry at once like ring, studs and bangles at the same time. In case you’re wearing a neck piece, go lighter on the ears. You can get great inspiration from Vidya Balan who despite her short height, really loves wearing sarees. She always glams up even the most simplest sarees by adding statement jewellery, bindi and bold eye kajal.


6. Accessorize right

Accessories like clutch, necklace, studs, finger rings have the capacity of making a look or breaking a look. Henceforth, on the off chance that you are short heighten then you must be additional watchful about not picking such frill which is concealing your tallness. There are no set rules for accessories. But always wear accessories which compliment your look and never overdo the accessories. At 5 feet and 3 inches, Alia Bhatt is one of the most petite actresses in Bollywood and yet she always looks amazing in sarees by accessorizing them the right way. Here are the Latest Saree Blouse Designs; 17 New Styles and Patterns this Year


5. Say YES to Vertical Stripe

On the off chance that you are short heightened then lean toward picking sarees with Vertical strips as these strips give a deception of a taller tallness. In the stripes additionally ensure that you pick thin stripes, expansive stripes are definitely a big NO. The most favored decision ought to be a crepe printed saree having vertical stripes. Abstain from wearing sarees with horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes on a Saree include fantasy of vertical tallness and give a tall look. Vertical stripped sarees are accessible in market in all hues. However, take a note that the stripes should not be too wide. See Madhuri Dixit for instance, she’s only 5 feet and 4 inches tall and yet she appears much longer because of her right choice of outfits.


This is also a great idea for adult women as it looks really good on them, as proven by the short yet very graceful Jaya Bachchan:


4. Go for Black

There is some magic in the color black in the event that you are curvy, on the off chance that you are short, wear dark and after that every one of your flaws will vanish. In simple words wearing dark shade will give you a slimmer, taller and a classy look.


3. Choose the right Blouse

Much the same as the saree, maintain a strategic distance from a blouse with horizontal stripes. Wearing an heavy blouse with a light fabric and plain saree and if your saree is somewhat is of heavy material or the design on it makes it look heavy then go for a plain blouse. Note that the stripes on the blouse and the saree make a flawless mix and ruin the look.


2. Saree Pallu

On the off chance that you are wearing a saree for the workplace then pinup your pallu as it gives a brilliant look. Try not to utilize big sized pins as it might give you cumbersome look. A tiny pin will look rich on you. For gatherings and different events, leave the pallu somewhat free. Essentially, when you’re letting your pallu fall, don’t keep it too long on the off chance that you need to seem taller.

As an example, you can check out these saree styles of Bollywood actress Asin who is only 5’4″ tall. These sarees are elegant, simple and pinned sophistically making them suitable for office wear.

short height girls sarees

1. Wear a Well-fitted Blouse

Avoid wearing not well fitted blouse since it’s just going to add to that untidiness. Likewise, attempt to keep the length of your blouse medium (not very long and not very short), making your general look more characteristic and less-stuffy. Try not to go with horizontal stripes; they’re just going to make you look more extensive. Likewise, abstain from wearing high-neck blouse.


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