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How to Wear Dhoti Shalwar in Different Styles|Step by Step Tutorial


How to Wear Dhoti Shalwar. Dhoti shalwar is now at the peak of trending and consumers are now going for it more, than back when it first came into fashion. It is not only because they can be so stunning and unique, and give you an outlook that stands out among the crowd, but also because the cultural meaning attached to it.

Merely classified as a clothing for men, the fashion experts broke a stigma and made it one of the preferable clothing items for women. And we can see that women love it, and constantly seek new ways to wear it.For that, we are here, to show you several unique and classy ways in which you can wear dhoti shalwar/outfit and nail every single look. Below are some new and trending styles that emerged lately and some tutorial videos to help you as go through this. Have a look, and happy cultural wearing!

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Check out the videos tutorial for wearing Dhoti Salwar below to get some novice guidance!

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Here’s a small video tutorial teaching you howto cut and sew your dhoti shalwars based on a simple cutting pattern.

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Some Stylish Ways to Wear Dhoti Shalwar

polyvore sample

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#10 – In The Epic Designer Style

This latest designer style gives all signs of being created by a luxurious designer brand, because of the nice clothing material, the wondrous embroidery, and fewer plates. Fewer plates are created in order to imply a very light touch of dhoti and also enough to tell that it’s one of its types. It’s one of the most trending in the market right now and you should get your hands on it too, soon!

designer style

#9 – One With A Patiala Touch

Now so much diversity and uniqueness in found in the dhoti fashion, that consumers can’t resist trying each single one. So this one is surely the coolest of all types. What sets it apart is the Patiala touch given to the shalwar by the designers/creators. Or we can say, that it has both. Usually comes in bright colors and nice patterns with a lot of plates that gives it a very catchy look. Prep yourselves for this one.


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