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How to Wear Chinos? 20 Best outfits to Wear with Chinos


How to Wear Chinos pants? Many a times, we face the dilemma of choosing the right outfit for the right occasion. Well, worry not my ladies, this article will guide you on how and what to wear chino pants in different styles suitable for different events.

Chino pants are made of light-weight fabric, less formal than dress pants, but more formal than casual jeans or even khakis. Often times Chinos and Khakis get mixed up because of the color. While khakis give more rugged look, Chinos lean towards formal.Everyone has at least one pair of these lying around in their cupboard but they over-look it so they don’t look uptight or too formal. BUT, if you have the right accessories and the right eye for it, you can make every outfit fit for runway.

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Outfit to Wear with Chino Pants for Women

#20- To look bold with olive chinos- Summer Wear

You can never go wrong with pairing up your pants with a black blouse. Black does wonders to the ensemble and who would know it more than the ladies?


#19- Street Style

Choosing an outfit for a formal get-together is hard because of the many choices we have in our wardrobe. If you put on a pair of chinos with a blazer and keep it simple without too many accessories, you get the perfect outfit for a formal evening.


#18- Wearing Chinos for Work

Chinos are the right mix of formal and classy when paired with a dress shirt and blazer. Just strap on some classy heels and a belt and you’re ready for work, work, work.

outfit ideas with chinos for girls


#17- For Plus size girls

Faded pink chinos with matching lipstick and a netted blouse take you to girl-wonderland.


#16- How celebrities wear chinos Pants

Woah! Red can make anyone look fiery. Thank you Taylor for showing us the red-chino threat!


#15- Chinos with crop tops and cardigans

This hot look can get you through any time because being confident (and looking like it) is what it’s all about.


#14- chinos with ankle boots


#13-Casual outfit 


#12- To look cute yet classy


#11- Going casual with chinos

A light dress shirt, tucked in at the waist, with a cute pair of chinos and a ponytail goes a long way.



#10- Go for chic outlook


Chinos are so reliable in times of need. Whatever look you want to go for, they spice it up every time with an elegance that jeans are incapable of providing. Go shopping and get different colored chinos for yourself if you don’t want to get bored of looking the same certain way, outfit-wise, every single day.

#9- Classy, elegant, simple


#8- Party Wear


#7- Cow-girl look all the way!


#6- Winter Wear

A loose-fit pale sweater with chinos make a soft, cuddly yet beautiful look.


#5- For the love of Tobacco colored chinos


#4- All Black

With all black outfit.


#3- A hat with chinos? Oh yes!


And a trench coat with it makes you look all the more badass.



#2- A Girl next door, maybe?


#1- With Denim Top

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