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How to Look Preppy- 18 Preppy Hairstyles for Women


Preppy Hairstyles For Women of All Ages – With the winter season fast approaching, it is important for women to appear chic. Experimenting with new hairstyles is a favourite amongst women of all ages. However, often it can get confusing or difficult to come up with new preppy hairstyles. Women need hairstyles that they can wear in the office or during shopping trips with friends. This is why we have come up with a list of versatile hairstyles for women.

The Most Preppy Hairstyles and Looks for Women

#1. Loose and Wavy Preppy Hairstyles for Blondes

Do you have strawberry blonde hair which is long, flowy and wavy? Simply tuck the front portions with a bobby pin behind your hair. Curl the ends into loose waves and set it with a shine spray.

preppy hairstyles for women 1

#2. Preppy Hairstyle for School

School girls can enhance their features witha tousled mid-length style. Simply scrunch up the ends in messy waves and spritz with a texture spray. For some more ideas on school outfits, check out 15 cute summer outfit ideas for school/college or 23 cute winter outfits for school/college girls.

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#3. Casual Style for Brunettes

Feeling lazy? Simply air dry your hair and part it from the side ways, and let it hang loose. If your hair is a little frizzy then straighten it for a relaxed, casual look.

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#4. Classy Schoolgirl Preppy Hairstyle

A simple way to jazz up a casual ponytail is by adding a bow made from ribbon. A black bow looks classy and chic for all ages.

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#5. Preppy Hairstyle for Short Hair

If you have extremely short hair, then allow the front fringe to hang casually on your forehead. Straighten the rest into a sleek, chic look that is perfect for an office look.

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#6. Preppy Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Curly hair can be hard to manage. A good way to look smart and preppy is by pinning the front with bobby pins and leaving the rest open.

preppy hairstyles for women 6


#7. Preppy Hairstyle for Work

A preppy style that is in vogue these days is a short bob style. In this look, the hair is longer from the front and shorter from the back. Dying it ombre and straightening it will take this look to the next level. The look goes really well with sunglasses. Also have a look at this amazing collection of the Top 10 sunglasses brands for women.

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#8. Preppy Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

If you need to attend a prom or a highschool event, or simply want to look retro – then curl your hair with rollers. Then pin back half of your hair, and let the other half flow freely into amazing curls.

preppy hairstyles for women 8


#9. Messy Mom Look

if you are a working mother or a busy woman, an up-do is the easiest and most convenient hairstyle. Sweep your hair sideways and then scrunch it into a messy bun. Leave a few strands hanging loose for a cute style. And if you like this outfit, have a look at 16 beautiful tunics top collection for women this season.

preppy hairstyles for women 9


#10. Classic Sporty Look

If you are an athletic girl, then a good sporty hairstyle is tying your hair back with a stretchable hairband. Leave the rest of the hair open for a preppy look.

preppy hairstyles for women 10


#11. Intellectual College Girl Look

Need a simple style for college? Cut your hair into bangs and let them hang loose on your forehead. Looks great on young, stylish girls.

preppy hairstyles for women 11


preppy hairstyles for women 12


preppy hairstyles for women 13


preppy hairstyles for women 14


preppy hairstyles for women 15


preppy hairstyles for women 16


preppy hairstyles for women 17


preppy hairstyles for women


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