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How To Dress Like Nerdy Boy? 18 Cute Nerd Outfits For Men


How to dress like Chic Nerd Boy. Gone are the days when looking like a nerd was embarrassing. Guess what? Nerds are not bullied anymore. They are the new trend setters. The nerdy look is cool and in trend this season. It is basically a style based on typical nerd classics such as glasses, shirts etc. Pulling off the geek/nerdy look is easy and simple, and the best part is there are no rules when it comes to dressing like a nerd.

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Geeky Nerd Look for Guys

You can use your own imagination and create your own style. We have put together for you different cute and modern outfits that will help you dress like a nerdy boy. Have a look!

#18 – Cool Sweater For Winters


#17 – Nerdy Glasses Are A Must

Glasses are an absolute must to pull off a cute nerdy look. Go for bold black frames in any shape of your choice.


#16 – Add A Bow Tie

Bow ties work best for giving the nerdy look. Wear it with any sweater or collar shirt to achieve your desired cute nerdy look.


#15 – Waistcoat For Men

Waistcoats look absolutely sexy and give a classic geeky look. For more ideas, have a look at Men waistcoat styles-18 ways to wear waistcoat for classy look.


#14 – Tie With Cardigan

What can look more stylish than a tie worn with cardigan? This combination is a must try!


#13 – Cool T-Shirts


#12 – Simple Blazer With T-Shirt


#11 – Suspenders With Jeans


#10 – Printed Dress Pants

How funky are these dress pants? Printed dress pants paired with a formal shirt, coat and tie will give you an extremely cute and modern nerdy look.


#9 – Chambray Collared Shirts

Chambray collared shirts are a total win! You can wear them on their own or with a tie for a cool sophisticated look.


#8 – Checkered Shirts For Casual Look

Checkered shirts never go out of fashion and look super cute. Pair a checkered shirt with denim jeans for a casual look.


#7 – Simple Mufflers

Muffler will add the finishing touch to your outfit. Wear any simple muffler that goes well with your outfit and rock that nerdy look.


#6 – Striped Shirts For Boys


#5 – Polo Shirt With Shorts

This combination of polo shirt with shorts is super cute and geeky.


#4 – Leather Jacket Over Dress Shirt

Leather jackets look super handsome! You can wear a leather jacket over a dress shirt and sweater to further style your outfit.


#3 – Backpacks For Nerdy Look

You can carry a backpack, canvas bag, messenger bag or any other bag with your outfit for a nerdy look.


#2 – Nerdy Hats For Men

To further enhance your nerdy look, you can wear a hat that matches your outfit.


#1 – Nerdy Look For Teenage Boys

Create your own nerd outfit. Pair a casual shirt with denim jeans and wear it with nerdy accessories like glasses, converse shoes, hat, muffler and a stylish belt. To add some swag to your nerdy look, choose from these Stylish beards-21 beard styles for teen guys.


Say goodbye to boring old outfits. Dress up like a nerd using these tips and ideas to look cute and handsome. Get ready to recieve a lot of compliments and make all heads turn your way!

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