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How To Apply Faux Tan At Home Just Right


Okay, it’s summer and you’re ready to show off the result of your hard work on your beach-ready body. You put on your brand new swimsuit, whirl in front of the mirror and realize that you’re paler than the moon. We’ve all been there, I assure you. The best and not harmful solution to that is faux tan, which you can do at home. Afraid you gonna end up looking like a cheetah with orange dots? Don’t be, we’re here to guide you on how to put it right. First you need to shave your legs the night before you apply self-tan. Use some exfoliating scrub with moisturizing elements to get more smooth skin. Apply tanner in natural sunlight to see exactly what you’re doing. Use large strokes and blend in afterwards. Read a few more following steps at

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