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Hijab Graduation Outfit-18 Ways to Wear Hijab on Graduation Day


Hijabi Graduation Day Outfit Guide: Convocation is one of the biggest days in one’s life and many plans to look elegant along smart in graduation day outfit. Though wearing a graduation gown is  a dream but it somehow hides whatever you are wearing on that special day.  We can give you relief and no matter what age, body type you are, here is a complete guide for Muslim hijabi girls to wear on commencement day.

How to Wear Hijab for Graduation

From skirts to jeans, wedges to pumps, here’s a complete guide for all girls whose commencement day is near. You do not need to look like a model who just landed from ramp neither give the impression that just went off from bed. Keeping a tidy and elegant look on commencement day is key to your outfit. There are few basic tips what to wear and what to avoid as per your body type.

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Basic Tips for Commencement Day Outfit with Hijab

  • If choosing maxi dress, make sure you create a waist underneath your gown with a belt around your dress or tuck in your top into your skirt.
  • Color Choice: You could wear any color dress or long top. Just keep the other pieces of your outfit neutral so you remain classy and professional.
  • Shoes: Shoes are one of the only things that people will be able to see from your outfit as you walk across the stage. make sure you wear heels you can actually walk in, without lingering on or making weird noise.
  • Flats and Pumps: It is not necessary to wear heels on grad day. One can choose pumps or flats as well, because looking professional and classy is the foremost thing along comfort.
  • Which Hijab look best? Almost all look the same in gown from near or far, Unless you see a hijabi wearing a bright color hijab under her cap. It is highly recommended to wear a solid neutral, like black, tan or white clor hijab underneath your cap. You’ll look more professional and elegant.
  • How to Style Hijab with Gown? Keeping a flat dead head would make you look bizarre. Wear your hair bun a little low, with less volume on top so that your cap sits properly. If you wear chiffon, you may not have to worry about that, since there won’t be much volume on top.
  • Makeup Guide for Convocation Day: You should not look like a model, or give impression one is going to attend a wedding. Keeping neutral and elegant shades, with light makeup can make you look amazing.
  • Accessories and Jewelry: Keep minimal amount of jewelry and accessories. As you do not want everyone staring at you when your blinky and noisy jewels disrupt the ceremony.

Here are few dress ideas to save your time and make you look amazing even on convocation day with that huge gown and scholarly cap.

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#18-  Jumpsuit for Grad Day

One must look awesome on Graduation day, as it remains a memory for whole life. A decent jumpsuit could look great for nerd girls, or those who prefer to stay simple.



#17- Black and White Decent Combo



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