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Get Gorgeous Skin with Rilastil


Sponsored post Rilastil is an Italian skincare brand with products that focus on “re-elasticizing” the skin to help reduce wrinkles. Synonymous with Italian beauty, Rilastil is founded upon nearly 80 years of dermatological & pharmaceuticals expertise and is committed to harm-free testing, preservation-designed packaging and meet the full range of skin needs at every age.

Their products have :

  • High concentrations of active ingredients
  • Aluminum secure packs and PE-EVOH protection
  • Paraben free preservative system
  • No artificial colors
  • Non comedogenic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Batch numbers and expiration date
  • Dermatologically and Microbiolgically tested
  • Tested for Nickel, Cobalt, Palladium, Chromium and Mercury

Rilastil has a wide range of premium skincare products. To help you choose the right ones for your specific skin needs, they have an interactive SkinCare Advisor on their website where you can quickly answer a short series of multiple choice questions to get the best product recommendations….it’s that simple! Here are the ones I got :

Rilastil skincare review

Aqua Face Cleanser – Suitable for all skin types, this is a creamy, cleansing gel that removes dirt, impurities and excess oil without disturbing the skin’s moisture barrier. I really like that the formula is sulfate-free but lathers up nicely and doesn’t ever leave my face dry or tight. My skin feels thoroughly clean, smooth and refreshed. Also, it has a light refreshing scent that’s quite nice!

Rilastil Aqua Face Cleanser

Daily Care Toner – This is a refreshing alcohol-free toner that purifies the skin preparing it for treatments, while soothing inflammation and increasing hydration. It’s always good to find a toner that’s free of alcohol so I liked it right from the start! My only gripe is that the formula has a fairly strong fragrance. Although it hasn’t irritated my dry, sensitive skin, I would prefer the scent to be on the lighter side.

Rilastil Daily Care Toner

Progression HD Illuminating Eye Contour Cream – I love this one! Packed with 31 active ingredients to lift, firm, and brighten the skin, this brightening eye cream has been formulated to help fight lines, sagginess, puffiness, and dark circles. It also contains optical diffusers to immediately illuminate the skin blurring imperfections for a more relaxed and refreshed appearance. The ultra-lightweight, silky formula glides on smoothly and absorbs almost instantly leaving my under-eye area looking brighter, smoother and less tired than it really is (which is pretty much all the time these days!) The eye cream looks slightly tinted when squeezed out but there’s no coverage factor. I also like that it’s fragrance-free which is great for the sensitive eye area. I will definitely be back for more!

Rilastil Progression HD Illuminating Eye Contour Cream

Progression HD Brightness Activator – This is an illuminating anti-aging serum to help lift, smooth, tone and brighten dull skin for a more radiant appearance. With a synergistic combination of active ingredients, it helps counteract skin’s hormonal changes and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and laxity for smoother, tighter skin. I have been using this serum every night right after cleansing. I like its luxurious yet lightweight and fast absorbing formula but the product is quite heavily fragranced which can be a bit overwhelming for anyone with a sensitive nose. Thankfully, the scent doesn’t stick around for long and fades away after some time.

Rilastil Progression HD Brightness Activator

Progression HD Brightness Intensifier – Another one of my favorite products! This transformative cream nourishes the skin and promotes cell turnover while helping to fight the signs of hormonal aging like dulled complexion, dark spots, and more pronounced wrinkles. In a 12-week clinical study against a prescription retinoic acid, investigator analysis graded the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles equal as or more effective than the prescription treatment. I really like its beautifully lightweight yet moisturizing formula that sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Even with my dry skin, I don’t need any additional moisturizer after this one. It is recommended to be paired with Progression HD Brightness Activator to maximize results.

Rilastil Progression HD Brightness Intensifier

While I’m pleased with all the Rilastil products, my picks for the must-haves from this skincare line are the HD Illuminating Eye Contour Cream and the Aqua Face Cleanser.

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