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Funny And Colorful DIY Tassel Moccasins


No doubt that this type of shoes is very comfortable and universal. If you wanna make them more unique, add tassels, for example! You’ll need a pair of moccasins, assorted leather remnants, tacky glue, sharp scissors and ruler. Start by trimming the remnants down to perfect squares. Once you have an assortment of rectangular leather pieces, in a variety of colors, you can divide those in half lengthwise to create strips that measure between 3 x 3 inches and 2 x 3 inches. Remember, you’ll need one of each to make 2 tassels of each color. Turn the leather over and draw a half 1/4 inch line across the top, lengthwise. Cut a fringe without going past that line. Read here next steps of the instruction.

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