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Eye-Catching DIY Clear Ombre Necklace


Choose any color you want and turn a clear necklace into an ombre one! You’ll need tear-drop beads (9 pieces), round beads (20 pieces), jewelry wire, 2 chain pieces (4 inches each), 3 jump rings, jewelry pliers, wire cutter, acrylic paint and brush. First cut a 15 inch piece of jewelry wire. Then alternate and string the round and tear-drop beads on the wire piece. Once you have beaded 9 tear-drop ones, add the rest of the round ones at each end of the wire. Next you should create a loop at each end of the wire piece and twist the extra wire around the loop. When making the second loop, make sure you push the beads back to the first loop and leave as little space as possible between the second loop and the beads. The rest of the tutorial is here.

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