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Essential Men’s Fashion Pieces for Both Business and Casual Wear


Have you ever wanted to truly make the most out of the pieces in your closet? Not just to save up on money if you are on a budget, but to wear the clothes you have on multiple occasions. The great news is that there is a way to wear the clothes and accessories you have for work in casual situations, without seeming too dressed up. To help you understand, we have created a list of essential men’s fashion pieces for both business and casual wear. Read all about them!

Blazers are Better

You can never go wrong with a blazer, trust us. You can be attending an awards ceremony, holding a toast at a friend’s wedding, doing brunch with a client, catching the game with the guys after work… you will always be able to wear one. A slim fit jacket in the color of your choice is, of course, ideal for a corporate environment, but it can be rocked on any casual occasion. If you are every in doubt regarding what to wear that day, always go for a blazer: it’s is a tried and true way to style success.

Buckle Up

This one should be a no-brainer, but some men don’t take belts into consideration as much as they should. Sure, your trousers might fit just fine without one, but wouldn’t they look a lot better with a thin leather belt? You know they would. If you get a quality, leather belt with a discrete clasp, you can wear it with your suit, your jeans, or your trousers… basically with any types of bottoms that don’t fall under the sport clothing category. We would like to emphasize the “leather” part of this essential accessory; if your belt is not from genuine leather, any man of style will notice it a mile away.

Rock the Bag

Of course men need bags too, you should have known this by now. Would you rather have all of your office accessories or other daily man essentials sprawled all across the back or front seat of your car? Didn’t think so. This is why you need an accessory like a vintage classic leather briefcase  in your life. Combine practicality with pleasure and choose the perfect messenger bag to match your personality and preferences. You probably notice a trend already going on with leather accessories. Take a mental note and apply.

Specs or Shades

With options like round frames, wayfarers or aviators at hand, it’s impossible to not love the wonderful world of possibilities that glasses offer you. For men, especially, glasses and sunglasses are like a breath of fresh air in the accessory world. If you require eyeglasses for medical purposes, make the most of your situation and play around with all sorts of classy frames that you can wear before, during and after work. If the weather is fine, pull out your favorite pair of shades for the ultimate dose of cool. No matter what situation you are in, glasses can brighten up any day and any outfit.

Button Up

We already know that shirts are among the most basic and common pieces in a man’s closet. But have you fully taken their power of adaptability into consideration? This truly essential men’s fashion piece for both business and casual wear can be worn with a jacket at work and then with a cardigan afterwards. Depending on how strict your business environment is, you can even go with a fun plaid shirt that works great for meeting up with friends after you clock out. Oh, and stripes, you should never forget about them. Among all patterns available, we’d have to agree that stripes work the best at the office and in the city.

Watch the Time

In the world of inanimate objects, the wristwatch should be man’s best friend. Taking it off in the evening and putting it back on in the morning should become a reflex once you’ve passed your teenage years, and every man knows that a watch is required for casual and business wear alike. Your daily watch shouldn’t be too fancy or too sporty, try to find one that can be suitable for any types of situations.

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