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Easy-To-Make DIY Soothing Eye Mask For Relaxation


After a long and hard workday we’re all seeking for ways to calm down and relax. This soothing eye mask costs a few dollars to make but gives a calming effect no worse than a specialty mask. You don’t have to be an excellent seamstress to make it, because the DIY tutorial doesn’t even require a sewing machine. So, are you ready to begin? Prepare mixing bowl, 2 cups rice, 1 tbsp fresh herbs (like mint, lavender, fresh basil, rosemary or any other rejuvenating scents you like), 10-20 drops essential oil, sheet pan, parchment paper, pencil, white sheet of paper, cotton fabric, scissors, thread, needle, funnel and elastic headband. Head over to popsugar.com for the step-by-step tutorial. Have fun!

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