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Curly Hairstyles for Teen Guys-18 New Styles this Year


Curly Hairstyles for Teen Guys. Fashion brings just as much of the time of the year for girls as it does for boys – and will continue to do so in the future. No matter, if it’s clothing or even some minor accessories. There always is and always has been room for boys to bring out their ultimate swag in the race of social acceptance.

Similarly, let us take for instance – stunning curly hair fashion. There have been some immensely stunning hairdos for curly haired boys out there who might have felt a slight lagged due to the preference of silk and straight over curls. But need to release yourself of all hope, here are some fascinating styles for boys to make their curls lasting in the viewer’s mind. Have a look and enjoy.

Some Awesome Curly Hair Ideas for Boys

curly hair for teen boys this year

#18 – Bronze Blond Mesmerization

The gorgeous bronze color or perhaps a dye with those smart curls will surely make your date find you unusually more interesting.

#18 - Bronze Blond Mesmerization


#17 – Medium Cool Waviness

These stylish medium nice waves will definitely give you a princely appearance or at the least – a complete gentleman style.

#17 - Medium Curly Waves


#16 – The Messy Badass Style

The messiness with curls don’t always go together, but when it does – there’s nothing sexier then.

#16 - The Messy Badass Curls


#15 – The Slid-back Volume

What makes this one so unique and will surely make you too, is the stunning slid-back volume.

#15 - The Slid-back Curly Volume


#14 – The Slick Shine and Beard

It’s not indeed so difficult to grow a beard in your teens or perhaps late-teens and make it go flawlessly with your natural shine and glow.

#14 - The Slick Shine and Beard


#13 – The Gorgeous Slid-up Style

Ever seen this much of awesomeness all curled up at the top? Well, now you have seen it, you would know that there is nothing much better.

#13 - The Gorgeous Slid-up Style


#12 – When Curls Cover All

When you absolutely leave nature to play wonders with your appearance and let it grow like it is supposed to. Also works well.

#12 - When Curls Cover All


#11 – Hairstyle for Oval Face Shape

Probably, you would have caught the messiness of this style, yet it is all so very organized within a shape.

#11 - Messy but Organized


#10 – The Winter Blondness

And no this is not because the guy is wearing a sweater but rather because the warmth of the golden highlights that will go impeccably with the cold of the winter.

#10 - The Winter Blondness


#9 – Some Office-inspired Swag

This might help you get a bit of your lost motivation back – if not all, for a rough work day.

#9 - Some Office-inspired Swag


#8 – The Metal Band Look for Long Curly Hair

This hairstyle clearly speaks of how unavailable you are to take or even notice any trouble happening around.

#8 - The Metal Band Look


#7 – The Cool Curly Cut for Short Hair

It is indeed possible to adopt one of those typical teen boys’ haircut and make your curls even more awesome.

#7 - The Cool Typical Boyish Cut


#6 – Breathtaking Spikiness on Sun

The pale gold tinge in the brunette color under the sun is absolute perfection.

#6 - Breathtaking Spikiness on Sun


#5 – The Nice Guy Style

#5 - The Nice Guy Style


#4 – Kristian Dowling’s Perfection

#4 - Kristian Dowling's Perfection


#3 – The Hair-power to Risen Evilness

#3 - The Hair-power to Risen Evilness


#2 – The Capturing Magic of Dark Curls

#2 - The Capturing Magic of Dark Curls


#1 – The Most Heroic Yet

#1 - The Most Heroic


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