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Baggy Pants Footwear-25 Ideal Shoes to Wear with Baggy Trousers


What Shoes to wear with Baggy Pants -Due the the wide range of baggy pants which are available on the market it is not surprising that there is an abundance of shoe choices which are ideal to match with them. However, it is important to chose the right shoes with the right style of baggy pants. Some heeled shoes will look stunning with some baggies and will ruin the look of another. The same principal goes for flats or even flip flops so be sure to go for matching styles of trouser and footwear to make your full outfit look amazing. So here are some amazing and modern ways to style your baggy pants or harem pants with the best shoes.

 Latest Ways to Style Baggy Pants with Shoes

From plain, flat flip flops all the way to stiletto leopard print ankle boots, from boyfriend jeans to palazzo pants, this article has 25 great ideas for shoes to wear with different baggy pants.

#25- Eye Catching Dalmatian Print Platform Stiletto Boots

The boots have been matched with baggy, distressed jeans make for a superbly stunning city look. Add a long scarf for colour and depth.

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 #24- Flat Sandals

The sandals combined with baggy wet look harem bottoms are a great combination for a cool, casual look. Who says an all black outfit doesn’t work?

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 #23- Gladiator Heels

A great look for a formal outfit. Finish with sunglasses and black blazer.

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 #22- Shoes to Wear with High Tops and Baggy Sweat Pants

Sporting, baggy black sweat pants matched with Nike high tops is a perfect combination for a sports style look. If you like this look, you will also love this collection of 23 cute outfits to wear with sneakers this season.

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 #21- The All White, Tomboy Look

An amazing look with baggy, rolled up trousers and coat.  It is also a good idea to remember to choose a top, or top and jacket combo, which will compliment your trousers and shoes. Why not match colours of tops and shoes and have a contrasting colour for your trousers? This way your outfit will look fitting and will also make your shoes stand out. So how about contrasting this look with matching black fedora style hat and black brogues.

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 #20- White Baggy Harem Pants

Matched with white cage heels. Finish this outfit with contrasting black silk look top and add a splash of colour with a burgandy clutch bag. You can also see a variety of outfits to wear with Harem Pants.

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 #19- Flip Flops

Fantastic summer beach style combination with patterned harem pants and plain flip flops.

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 #18- Wedges

High waisted baggy trousers with white tank top. This outfit look amazing with contrasting brown belt, brown bag and brown leather, peep toe wedges. great for summer. Accessorise your outfit with jewellery, scarves, sunglasses and make up which will balance out your outfit.

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 #17- Pumps

Black and white look. White loose fit trousers with white oversized top. Paired with black wide brim sun hat and black T-Bar pumps. Do not make make up too brashly as baggy trousers will steal the limelight regardless. Instead choose shades which will match your shoes. This will make your entire outfit look stunning.

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#16- Matching the Colours

Gorgeous city look. Wide pedal pusherswith lace up heeled sandals. Jacket and shoe colour matches. Lovely coluor palette of cream and black.

 #15- Strap Pumps

Baggy olive loose fit linen trousers matched with cream deep V-neck top and contrasted with beautiful blue ankle strap pumps.


 #14- Stunning Dark Blue Flares Matched Perfectly with Wedges.

Nicely fitted top and matching clutch bag finish this look beautifully.


 #13- Boat Shoes – The Great Retro Look for Winters

Beige over coat with multicoloured top. Baggy jeans with contrasting burgundy boat shoes.


 #12- Sports Style

Plain white t-shirt and red, printed baggy jogging bottoms. Match these bottoms with white high top wedges with gold buckles.


 #11- Lovely Winter Look

Black woollen overcoat with grey turtle-neck. Baggy, distressed jeans matched with black chunky heeled ankle boots.


 #10- Ankle Booties

Great look with baggy harem trousers and stunning blue and brown lace-up ankle booties. Add layers to this combo with a tartan shirt over denim. I love to dashing red hair with this outfit!


 #9- Strap Sandals

Lovely patterned casual straight legs bottoms with yellow strap sandals. White t-shirt and bag allow the yellow of the bottoms and shoes stand out.


 #8- Suede Heeled Pumps

Knee length palazzo style bottoms with patterned top. Colour palette is pine and sage green. Wear a pair of nude toned, suede heeled pumps to contrast this look.


#7- Summer Look – Shoes with Baggy Jeans

Stunning summer combination with bright colours. Flared jeans with turquoise cage heels are a stunning match for any girl.


 #6- Wide Slit Sandals

Wide stripe baggy bottoms with black wide slit sandals. The brightness of the coat will get you noticed, but the length of trouser will show off your shoes. You can also look at some more ideas for cure outfits to wear with Gladiator Heels or Sandals this season.


 #5- Hippie Style – Harem Pants with Flats

Awesome hippie style with tropical palazzo pants. Simple white flats are a perfect match with these trousers.


 #4- Baggy Pants and Shoes for Tall Ladies

Striped, sequin jumper with huge flared jeans and finished off with gorgeous black, suede wedge heels. A great style for the taller lady.


 #3- Great Spring Combination

Blue flared jeans and stunning 4 button, suede heels. Add a colourful scarf to really get noticed.


 #2- Cowboy Boots

Simple, straight baggy jeans with white blouse and navy cardigan. Match this outfit with superb, brown ankle boots or even suede cowboy boots. Finish with a chunky scarf and geometric print bag.


 #1- Lace-up Shoes

Fantastic and simple cream and black combination. Perfect for smart casual or even the office. Match straight baggy trousers with shiny finish heeled lace-up shoes.


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