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Baggy Jeans Footwear?16 Ideal Shoes to Wear with Baggy Jeans


Perfect Footwear with Baggy Jeans – I am not even sure when baggy jeans came to be in fashion but its a sure thing that once they came, they never left. Baggy Jeans are truly a must have item for any girl who likes to keep up with the latest fashion and trends.Before we further move on with this you must also read 23 chic Ways to wear baggy Pants . They are particularly great for lazy days when you need to go out but don’t feel like putting in a lot of effort in getting dresses so you just wear your baggy pants and a shirt and head out. They are comfortable, attractive and stylish, its hard to find this combination in a single item of clothing.You must have got its styling idea from above link but what shoes to wear baggy pants? whats perfect for summer , winter , spring seasons ? this post will give all these ideas.

Ideas for Best Shoes to Wear with Baggy Jeans

Though its pretty easy to wear baggy jeans, and even choosing a shirt with it is not a big thing, girls are often confused when it comes to shoes. Should I wear heels or pumps? Sneakers or Wedges? High heels or Low heels? What colour shoes would go nicely with my baggy trouser? So many questions and so little time to think of the answers! And that’s where we come in ofcourse. Here are a number of ideas for which shoes would be best to wear with baggy jeans. There is a big range of ideas and I’m sure you all will have access to at least half of these shoe types in your closet. The only type of shoes which you must never wear with baggy jeans are the knee high boots.


So choose you favourite look from the ones below, get those shoes out and be all set to look devastating in your baggy pants!I’ll be starting with 4 of my favourite looks as they wont just give you an idea of the shoes type but an over all look starting from head to too. So here goes:

#16 – The Classic Heels

This is the old time classical look that looks great on any girl. Whether you are thin or chubby, tall or short, you can always carry this look.


 #15 With Ballet Flats

Such a nerdy and yet hot look. The braid seems to complement the jeans and shoes in a magical way.

#14 With Flat Sandals

Feel like wearing your baggy jeans to work? This would definitely be the best option. The blazer and sandals along with the sandals create a great combination particularly if you have to walk around a lot at work, the sandals will really help save your feet from all the pain which heels tend to give.

#13 Cone Heels with Baggy Pant

Shoes with Baggy jeans


#12 With Strappy Sandals

If you are going to roll up your ripped jeans then strappy shoes are surely the best way to go.

# 11 With Pumps

Baggy jeans are great for you if you are on the chubby side. They make you look in shape and are so easy to wear. Being a chubby girl, you might find it hard to wear high heels so definitely go for pumps, either the flat ones or a litlle heel if you want. An ideal wear for plus size women.


#10 With Flip Flops with Distressed Baggy Jeans


#9 With High-Top Sneakers- Celebrities Style


#8 With Platform Heels


#7 With Cowboy Boots – Summer Style

#6 Any Strappy Shoes – Casual Style

#5 Peep-toe heels- Spring Wear

#4 Leather Boots – the perfect winter look

#3 Gladiator Heels

Also see the 16 Best ideas how to wear gladiator heels.

#2 Ugg Boots – For Women over 40

#1 Slip on Shoes- Work Wear outfit

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