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African Curvy Women-15 Fashionable African Plus Size Models


Are there any African Women who are Famous Plus Size Models? Of course there are. A few decades back, it might have been unimaginable for Black African women to be top models, but today the plus size African Models are changing the face of the fashion industry. These Plus Size African Models are an inspiration for all the plus size girls out there as they have defied all odds and are at the top of the modelling industry now. They have embraced their curves instead of worrying about loosing their w7 Their confidence and self-esteem are worth an applause. So here are our favourite and the most fashionable black, plus-size models:

The Most Beautiful and Fashionable Curvy Plus-Size African Models

#15. Teiko Dornor

She is also the organizer of “Miss Plus Africa” and has her own blog where she gives great tips and inspirational words for all the plus size and curvy women out there. Also take a look at some Elegant Plus Size Work Wear Outfit Combination Ideas.


#14. Toccara Jones

This girl was the very first plus-size model who went on to compete in “America’s Next Top Model.” Her curves have made her a favourite of many people including celebrities like Lil’ Wayne.


#13. Chenese Lewis

The first ever Miss Pluss America. She surely is a beautiful lady who proves that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. So no matter what your size, stay beautiful and stay confident. She is also a fashion pioneer and has been recently featured by Bustle amongst the “7 Plus Size Fashion Pioneers who are way ahead of their time.”


#12. Anansa Sims

One of the hottest plus size models ever seen. She’s the daughter of the famous super model Beverly Johnson so modelling and beauty surely run in her genes. Her beauty, her career and even her love life with the former footballer David Patterson are really inspiring. Also take a look at some chic plus size winter outfits for curvy women.


#11. Alex LaRosa


#10. Summer Wayans


#9. Shalon Dozier


#8. Ariel Brownridge


#7. Sommer Green

You can see how beautiful these plus size women look, no matter what outfit stle or what colour they wear. They are able to carry it all so well and look beautiful They are a proof that beauty is not restricted by colour or size.


#6. Samantha Lebbie

Definitely one of the most beautiful plus size model ever seen. She became a model to fulfill her dream of empowering other women and giving them the confidence to embrace their colour as well as their curves. According to her, for being a successful black plus-size model, confidence is everything!


#5. Brittnie Scurry

Another beautiful face, whose acceptance, confidence and self esteem have made her rise to the top. Also take a look at the 12 hot plus size street style fashion ideas for this season.


#4. Schnaya Pamplin


#3. Victoria Lee


#2. Essie Golden


#1. Jamil Kali

An inspiring plus size model who is often seen or heard fighting for justice for all the plus size women.


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