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8 DIY Balms To Save Your Lips This Winter


8 diy balms to save your lips this winter cover

As we said in the previous roundups, in the winter it’s better to switch off to a lip balm instead of a usual lipstick that can make your lips too dry. Today we are sharing a couple of DIY balm recipes that will save your lips this winter and make them kissable.

This lip balm recipe can be used as blank slate and you can change the essential oils to whatever your favorite scent is. But it includes coconut oil that provides an immediate softening, the shea butter that kicks in some long lasting protection with it’s waxier consistency, and the castor oil that gives you superior softening and a beautiful gloss.

Ditch those balms filled with chemicals, colors, stabilizers, thickeners, emulsifiers and preservatives and start treating your lips with this gloriously silky soft balm. Due to the beeswax content in this balm it tends to be a firmer consistency in the cooler weather. It will soften with the warmth of your fingers when applying if this is the case.

DIY lip salve recipe with beeswax (via https:)

DIY lip salve recipe with beeswax (via https:)

Love chocolate? Then this chocolate lip balm is right what you need! It contains vitamin E oil, mango and cocoa butter to smoothen your lips the best way possible. Add some chocolate scent to make your salve even more gorgeous.

There are a lot of lip balm recipes that use beeswax, but this one uses soy, it’s a more eco-friendly variant, perfect for people with allergies. It’s also colored with lipstick, choose your favorite shade and use it.

A good lip balm is a must for every girl at any time, and here we are with one more cool idea. Beeswax, coconut oils and shea butter will make your lips protected and soft.

This raspberry lemonade lip balm is just awesome, especially for spring and coming summer! Feel the good properties and amazing taste of natural raspberries!

If you are sensitive to just about all chemical fragrances and additives, you probably have a problem buying cosmetics and perhaps DIY lots of things. Let’s make an all-natural lip balm that is perfect even for the most sensitive lips.

If you are still puzzling over what to give your best friends for Christmas, make some lip balms! They just can’t be more relevant and necessary than they’re right now, in cold days. And these are candy cane balms, which is so symbolic for Christmas!

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