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7 DIY Real Flower Accessories To Rock This Spring


7 diy real flower accessories to rock this spring cover

What can be more natural than fresh greenery and flowers in the spring? Nothing! That’s why today I’d like to offer you some amazing tutorials with fresh flowers to realize. These jewelry pieces will make your look spring-infused and super feminine at the same time.

This dried flower jewelry tutorial will teach you how to create a beautiful pressed flower pendant with the look of resin without the hassle. If you want to learn how to make pressed flower jewelry, read on!

Capture the beuty of real flowers with this tutorial1 Here as floating lockets for branches but also lovely as keepsakes hidden away to surprise you another day, enchanting pendant and much more.

This is a necklace with a soldered flower. The soldering tutorial that you see here is very simple and you can alter it to your own taste by using a different flower or changing the size of the glass pendant. It is all op to you!

Making real dandelion and flower resin jewelry is not technically difficult. Read here how to make them and then the next stage is embedding the dandelion and flowers in resin and finally turning them into jewelry.

Laminate your favorite blooms and turn them into cool earrings! Read this tutorial to find out how to do that and capture the beauty of your favorite blooms!

The little violas can be easily turned into earrings! Can’t believe it? Read on to find out how to make them!

Have you noticed that flower crowns are seriously trendy right now? The colorful crowns have such a laid back, boho vibe that’s perfect for summer or spring. These macramé bracelets follow the trend and here are some fresh blooms incorporated!

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