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6 Tasty DIY Lip Scrubs To Make Your Lips Ideal


6 tasty diy lip scrubs to make your lips ideal cover

It’s winter, and often our lips get damaged because of cold, snow, rain and cold winds. Having a regular skin care routine means all the difference in how your makeup applies and looks. And using a light lip scrub is the perfect way to moisturize, prep your lips for a flawless lipstick application. Today I’d like to share good exfoliating recipes that will help you to keep the lips in ideal condition.

The first recipe for today is a grapefruit lemonade lip scrub. Coconut oil is an ingredient that will really add moisture to your lips and the oils help break down liquid lipsticks. Honey is incredible too – it has tons of antioxidants and enzymes that also help nourish and cleanse the skin. This recipe gives you a nice gentle scrub that helps remove dry skin and makeup but doesn’t leave your lips irritated.

Brown sugar is right what you need to gently exfoliate your lips and look good. This recipe also includes honey and coconut oil for moisturizing the lips while exfoliating.

This raspberry lip scrub is only 3 ingredients: fresh raspberries, raw sugar and fractionated coconut oil. Another bonus is that if you accidentally get some in your mouth when you’re scrubbing, it won’t taste awful.

Trying to clear away chapped, dry lips from this winter? Welcome with fresh, exfoliated lips, using this homemade 3-ingredient honey coconut lip scrub! Simply apply the scrub to lips and rub in circular motions for about one minute.

If you’re freaking tired of your lips getting chapped all the time, you should try using this moisturizing exfoliator. It can easily make your lips much smoother and give them necessary hydration. In a few days you’ll forget about dryness and be able to apply your favorite lipstick much more evenly.

While it’s true that a really awesome lip balm can heal dry lips, sometimes you just can’t manage the chap. Whatever the reason, it’s time to leave it to a homemade cinnamon sugar lip exfoliating scrub to help with your lip woes. This one with cinnamon is a great idea.

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