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6 Tasty DIY Berry Lip Balms For Summer


6 tasty diy berry balms for summer cover

Berries aren’t only a tasty treat in the summer, they can be used for making your natural balms, salves and butters to feel the summer while using and if it’s a lip balm to enjoy the taste, too. Here are some super tasty and summerlicious berry balms for your lips!

This cool lip balm with raspberry isn’t only a balm, it’s also a tint with natural berries. You may go for freeze-dried ones for a less intense color or for fresh ones, the main softening ingredients are beeswax and coconut oil.

Here’s another great lip balm and tint in one for this summer! Here the author used 2 raspberries and 2 blackberries. If you want a darker color, use 3 blackberries and 1 raspberry. If you want a pinker tone, use 3 raspberries and 1 blackberry. Read how to make this gorgeous balm with a tint and spoil yourself with berries!

This soft and tasty balm gives a light shade to your lips but not that much. It’s made using freeze dried raspberries but you may also go for fresh berries, too. Beeswax and sunflower seed oil are the main moisturizing components of the balm.

This sweet strawberry lip balm recipe is for you! It’s a great all-natural product to add to your beauty bag that contains no artificial coloring or flavors, and what can be more delicious than strawberries for summer? Make one and enjoy the summer taste every time!

Raspberries and chocolate are always a nice combo – not only when it comes to food but also when it comes to cosmetics. This balm contains raspberry extract, so it doesn’t change the color of your lips but if you add fresh berries, it will be also a tint.

Combine raspberry with honey to create a soft taste and a cool look on your lips. There are many ingredients that soften the lips here, read how to make it and enjoy!

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