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6 DIY Princess Crowns For Your Little Daughter


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If your little girl is going to some party or having her own, she may need a fancy dress, and we all know that most of girls prefer to dress up as princesses or fairies. In such a case your daughter will also need a crown to wear, and so today I’m sharing a couple of crowns to make yourself for her.

Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time is made of bubblegum, and is the ruler of the candy kingdom. Her crown is done in yellow with a gemstone, read these instructions for the costume and crown, too.

This gorgeous tiara will make your daughter a real princess, refined and stunning! It won’t take much time, you’ll need mostly wire and a large gemstone to get a delicate and girlish look.

Do your girls love Frozen? This princess crown is inspired by it and is very simple to make. There’s a free template, it requires just a few inexpensive supplies and with the ribbon tie in the back you don’t have to worry about what hairdo the princess is sporting that day.

This DIY Queen of the Moors crown was inspired by Disney’s Maleficent. The crown is a bit fall-like as there are gilded leaves but you can change the colors a little if you don’t want that fall leafy look.

This cute pink crown is so awesome that your girl will be incredibly happy! It’s made of felt but don’t worry, you needn’t sew at all, just cut. The piece is decorated with gemstones but your may do it whatever you like.

Not much time for crafting? Make a super easy and fast princess crown of usual craft paper and make your daughter a real princess with it!

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