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6 DIY Friendship Bracelets You Can Easily Make


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Some of us dare to make a friend or best friend tattoo, some of us aren’t about that but you can still express that feeling with a friendship bracelet! Whether you’re in your teenage years or not, this friendship bracelet is worth making and wearing, it will highlight that you are together. Today I’m sharing some cool DIY friendship bracelets to make for you and your friends, get inspired!

This bold bracelet features Swarowski cup chains that have this rainbow sparkle, which matches perfectly with neons. Arrange a little intimate party for your best gals and give this tutorial a try.

This double wave friendship bracelet pattern is made up of yellow wax cord and black wax cord, it is not difficult but you need patience and some supplies. Looks simple and is simple to make, too.

This design features a rainbow fishtail braid. You may have put a fishtail braid in your hair before. This is a similar concept, with some slightly more intricate knots and a little more organization.

Do you remember those water-filled glitter bracelets from the 80’s? I think it was the 80’s – or maybe the 90’s? They were mesmerizing; so much fun to look at, so make these ones yourself, let them sparkle!

This handmade friendship bracelet is very simple to make. Before making this friendship bracelet with letters, you just need to prepare some alphabet beads and leather cord. Now, let’s start to learn how to make a friendship bracelet with letters step by step!

Here’s a throwback to our childhood, sure to bring you back to days at summer camp. Revive the use of craftlace with this modern take. All you need are a few bangles and some leftover craftlace.

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