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6 DIY Anklets To Stand Out On The Beach


6 diy anklets to stand out on the beach cover

The beach season is on, and everybody is rushing there. I guess you’ve already chosen bathing suits, hats, beach dresses and shirts and maybe even made some cool henna tattoos. Beach accessories will make your look complete and chic, especially if you are rocking boho style. I’d like to offer you to make some cool anklets to stand out and accentuate your beautiful legs, have a look at these DIYs.

These DIY anklets are such simple and chic pieces of jewelry I say wear them into fall with your super trendy ankle boots. They have cool large blue beads that will catch an eye, though you can choose any other bead color.

Colorful crystals look gorgeous on your feet in the summer and these DIY anklets and toe rings are perfect for stacking or wearing individually. You can also make some bracelets, too, to make a cool matching look.

This DIY double chain anklet bracelet is very easy and quick to make, you can use old chains you have at home from other old accessories that you don’t use and make your own in less than 10 little minutes.

Payal are anklets worn by Indian women, and usually have ghungroo  attached to them. Ghungroo are little bell shaped baubles that make noise as you walk. Depending on the number and size of ghungroo your payal could give off a demure romantic chime, or announce loud and clear that you are on your way into the room!

This simple and cute LOVE charm anklet is a great idea for summer and beach holidays. Read how to make it and look even more gorgeous than usual!

Delicate anklets are the perfect minimal addition to your summer outfit especially if you’re going barefoot on the beach or wearing some cute summer sandals. Read on for the tutorial!

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