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51 Hot Poetic Justice Braids Styles


A trend-setting look, these box braided styles can be twisted and turned into the most stylish updo’s, perfect for sassy women just like Janet Jackson. She might not have known that hairstyle would have started such a trend but it did, right through the 90’s and into the 2000’s. Just as fashions do, they’ve come back around – these hot Poetic Justice braids styles.

They were first give their name after Janet Jackson and one particular movie she starred in – Poetic Justice. The movie showed her with sassy thick box-braids (another name they are also known by), and were lusted after by women all over the world ever since. It was the movie (and the sassy star obviously) that made this look as iconic as it is, and if you’re looking for inspiration to rock the look for yourself, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

  • They are a great protective hairstyle. Your own natural hair is protected when covered and braided into these beautiful Poetic Justice braids, and gives your hair a rest from sun and element damage, as well as overstepping and using heated styling tools.
  • The styling options are endless.There’s no end to the way you can style them – thinner braids can basically be styled in exactly the same way as your own hair except it offers much more in the way of staying power.
  • They are low-maintenance. Once they’re in, they’re in and you don’t need to worry about them until your next appointment. There are the odd tweaks you’ll need to make to your hair and beauty regime (wearing a scarf to bed, using different vitamin-infused moisturisers, etc.) but apart from that, these Poetic Justice braids styles are a very low-maintenance ‘do.
  • They can last for months.If you take care of your hair, your hair will take good care of you. When you keep up with the suggested upkeep and maintenance, your Poetic Justice braids styles could last for potentially months. Imagine how much easier life could be!
  • You can try a new hair color without damaging your hair. And one of the biggest benefits from wearing these fabulous box-style braids is that you can achieve a wide range of styles, shades, colours and looks, just with the addition of different coloured hair. You don’t need to lighten your own hair in order to go blonde, or a much brighter shade, which means even less damage to your hair once again. I think it’s safe to say we have found ourselves a winner.
  • The braiding process may cause some discomfort. If your hairstylist (or you) adds to much tension when adding these Poetic Justice braids, you may find that your scalp hurts in response. You must also remember that these won’t just happen in a couple of hours, they are something that can take a long time to achieve, and you may find that you become bored, stiff and uncomfortable as you’re sat there for too long.
  • It can take 5-8 hours to get them done. As we’ve mentioned, these Poetic Justice braids can take many hours to complete and this will mean time away from work, your family and friends, or other things you could better be spending your day. We don’t all have the luxury of sparing 8 hours to go and have our hair done.
  • They can be expensive. Prices will vary depending on the kind of stylist or salon you go to, and obviously buying the hair and applying your own braids at home will choose to be cheaper but more hassle-filled, but generally you’ll be paying around $ 150-$ 300. Usually you can expect to pay around $ 200.

1. Long Braids with a Pop of Purple

When you can have a brighter, lighter colour, why wouldn’t you? That’s what these hot Poetic Justice braids offer, the chance to play around a bit more with something you may not have worn before.

Poetic Justice Braids with Color

Source: tumblr.com

How about this bright pop of purple? Or perhaps pink is your thing? Pick your colour and have one, two, 3 or even hundreds of strands in your alternative bright colour.

2. Black & Red Ombre Braids

Black and red together could be a signature for passion, and if you’re passionate about hair, what better way than to mix black and red together in your Poetic Justice braids for a look that is sizzling hot.

Black and Red Ombre Poetic Justice Braids

Instagram / braidsgang 

The ombre look is the easiest way to wear bright colours but without having them around your face. Keep the length long and natural looking if you want to recreate the look you have here, and have a natural blend from your dark brown or black right through to a dark red to a brighter shade.

3. Cute Updo

This is another look favoured by Solange Knowles, the entire head of Poetic Justice braids is piled high on the head but instead of the pony rocked by JJ herself, worn in a woven bun, all twisted around and held into place with pins.

Cute Poetic Braids Styling

Instagram / krouser.davis

This is a great way to wear your box braids during the summer. The hair is away from your face and you could even use a headscarf to cover it from the hot sun.

4. Half-Up Bun

This look is a very popular one and is one of the very first ones you should definitely try to get the hang of if you want Poetic Justice braids.

Poetic Justice Braids Half Bun Updo

Instagram / touchedbykay_

It’s often the start of many intricate and more complicated designs, but the basics make it an essential every day hairstyle too.

5. Braided Updo

Just because you’re not a princess doesn’t mean you don’t get to wear a crown. We love this box braid crown, cleverly created from a twist of these Poetic Justice braids.

Braided Poetic Justice Braids Updo

Instagram / Pinkpoint_Makeup

Go on, be the Angel you are and wear your crown with pride. Isn’t that what every princess (or Queen) would do?

6. Blonde Braids

You could wear yours blonde like the 2001 version of Beyonce, another look that has come back around more than a few times proving that it never goes out of style.

Blonde Poetic Justice Braids

Instagram / braidsgang

If it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for us.

7. Long, Light Brown Braids

Alicia Keys is always a big fan of braids of all styles, and we’ve seen her rock some pretty impressive looks over the years. She wore hers long, free, and just with the addition of a hat and some coloured yarn braids to complete the look for the 2002 concert.

Light Brown Poetic Justice Braids with Hat

Instagram / braidsgang

See – a hat makes everything better! (Especially on a bad box-braid day.)

8. Small, Medium Length Braids

It’s like pig tails but not, pig tail twists. Or twirls. Either way, we love them – a super cute way of wearing your short Poetic Justice braids.

Small Medium Length Poetic Justice Braids

Instagram / all_things_virtuous

Opt for a side or centre parting, it’s up to you. It’s no muss, no fuss but still looks pretty damn fabulous, especially with thinner box braids.

9. Cool Bow Updo

There are literally hundreds of ways you could wear your new Poetic Justice braids, and just one of the looks we fell in love with was this super adorable bow look, channel your inner diva just like Lady Gaga.

Cute Bow Poetic Justice Braids Updo

Instagram / lolaraemusic

The bow is actually super simple to do once you’ve had some practice. It’s like throwing it into a pony tail but not pulling it all the way through. Instead, you pull it half through, separate that section in two, use the remaining half of the hair to create the centre section of the bow, and away you go.

(There are YouTube tutorials too!)

10. Twisted Half Updo

The twisted braid is a relatively new type of braid to hit the hair scene but it’s a beautiful one nevertheless and very easy to do with your box braids.

Poetic Justice Braids Twisted Half Updo

Instagram / Christian_Byshe

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials to watch, and you too could channel your inner mermaid with a long and luscious braided look like this one.

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