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5 Girlish DIY Tulle Skirts You Can Easily Make


5 girlish diy tulle skirts you can easily make cover

A tulle skirt is totally a universal thing in a girl’s wardrobe: it fits a lot of occasions and situations, from a party to a bridal shower and always gives you that edgy girlish look. It’s easy to mix and match, whatever color and length you’ve chosen, so I consider it a must for every girl, both a small and a grown up one! Today I’d like to share several tutorials to make such skirts yourself without wasting much money, you can choose various fashions of them, so read them and get inspired!

Making a tulle skirt yourself is really cheaper than buying in a store, so if you have a crush on all these charming beauties, read this tutorial for a black one.

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw strolled through the streets in Paris with Big, in the final episode of Sex and the City, everyone has been inspired and out to find their own tutu skirt. Here’s a tutorial to make one!

Tulle skirts are most feminine items of clothing to wear. They look super cute with all those layers of tulle falling pretty! This tutorial would be awesome for any event, and these aren’t just tutus, these are ombre ones!

Tulle skirt is usually associated with lightness, chic and style. Today, in the world of fashion, you can find many tulle skirt styles. Some are mixed with casual t-shirt or jeans shirt, some reminds retro look, matching with classic cardigan and kitty heel shoes. This one is for feminine looks, read the whole instruction to find out how to make it.

This isn’t a typical tutu, it’s a two layer piece with an eye-catchy look. This skirt can easily be made using cotton jersey and tulle, a skirt you already own serves as the pattern piece.

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