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5 Comfy And Chic DIY Ponchos To Make


5 comfy and chic diy ponchos to make cover

A poncho is an outer garment designed to keep the body warm, it was created by Native Americans but today it’s extremely popular all around the world. It’s considered to be a thing of boho or rustic style but you can also rock it with casual outfits. If you are interested, I’ve gather some DIYs that will help you to make a cool poncho and stay warm!

This is a kind of a poncho-shawl that we can use over our coats or directly on our clothes to keep warm. It’s a very simple piece that adds a special touch to create a chic look. This DIY piece is very easy to make, and it can also be for a special gift.

My favorite feature about this poncho is that it’s shorter than most. It’s long enough to provide some coverage, but not so long that you get tangled in it when you sit down. This one just slips right over your head and is quite light and breezy which is nice for this time of year. Read how to crochet it!

This poncho has a grandma pattern, and it’s very warm as it’s crocheted. I also love the look – the author chose very bold and colorful yarn to make it.

We all know that the ethnic look is still in vogue. It succeeded in last seasons and we see it blooms again this spring. This piece is a poncho jacket made of upholstery fabric! Do you dare to make a poncho jacket from scratch?

Fads in fashion may come and go, but simple ponchos with clean lines never go out of style. Ponchos are excellent pieces to put in your outerwear collection, as they add a moderate amount of warmth, perfect for many seasons. This piece is easily customizable. To make it longer or shorter in length, add or subtract stitches to the width of the panel between the cables; to change the circumference, add or subtract rows to the length of the panel by continuing to repeat the pattern as needed.

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