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40 Ideas to Make your own casual outfit when nothing to wear


40 Ideas to Make Your Own Casual Outfit: Casual attire basically is a comfortable, not planned a very relaxing way of clothing. Jeans and a t-shirt are mostly considered as casual wear but there are other ways to dress casually yet very comfortably as well. Women, girls for that matter every female after dressing up for different events wants to tone down a bit and relax somewhat. For this they can either go to meet friends, go on  a vacation or just chill while roaming around their city. But all this also requires to dress and when a girl is a bit down she wants some casual yet stylish outfits also. A girl can never be a non-fashion person. So if you think you don’t have anything to wear for chilling, you have come to right place. We have collected a few ideas for you girls out there to select your comfortable combination for the day. There are 40 items to chooses from.

What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear

#40.  Honing Your Photography Skills in Casual Attire


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#39. Dungarees; Casual Comfortable Combination

hipster fashion (2)


#38. Sleeveless Maxi for Summer Season

hipster fashion (3)


#37. Polka Dots Cropped Top Dress as Casual Wear

hipster fashion (4)


#36. Midi Floral Dress for A Picnic

hipster fashion (5)


#35. Ripped Jeans for a Day Out

hipster fashion (41)


#34. Sneakers; Another Element of Comfort Dressing

hipster fashion (7)


#33. Flannel and Jeans; A Favorite Going Out Outfit

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