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31 Best Ghana Braids Hairstyles


Ghana braids, like other braids, are known by a number of other names including Cherokee cornrows, pencil cornrows, invisible cornrows, and even banana braids. Fast becoming one of the most popular ways of wearing your weave for this year, the summer seems to show a hike in women opting for this sassy style, not just for the convenience factor but also for the protective benefits.

In case you needed any more persuading that this is your next go-to style, here are 31 best Ghana braids hairstyles we know you’re going to love!

1.Simple Ghana Braids Style

There are more benefits to opting for these amazing Ghana braids hairstyles than just good looks and protective benefits too. If you play your cards right and take care of them properly, this is a style that will last for weeks and in some cases, several months.

Ghana Braids Protective Hairstyle

Instagram / thatdynamitechick

If you don’t want a style that’ll have you running to the salon every few weeks, Ghana braids are definitely the way forward.

2. Ombre Ghana Braids

Here’s a look you may not have considered – ombre Ghana braids, a hairstyle that is both perfect for summer and super cool too. A really updated way of wearing these braided styles.

Ombre Ghana Braids for Black Women

Instagram / ezbeautified

Darker and working their way to light, with even a few reddish strands throw in for good measure, it’s a super fierce look that we can’t wait to try for ourselves.

3. Ghana Braids into a Bun

One of the easiest ways to deal with those loose strands at the nape of the neck is to do the simplest thing with it – wrap it all around and fasten with pins into the cutest little bun.

Small Ghana Braids into a Bun

Instagram / _hairwifey

The top of your hair is sorted – it’s all brushed back and braided away from your face. This little low bun helps to sort out the rest on this super hot days when your hair is the last thing you’ll want to deal with.

4. Blonde Ghana Braids

Have you ever wanted to go blonde? Well, Ghana braids hairstyles like this show you exactly how to do it. Going blonde when you’re braiding or using extensions is the easiest way!

Blonde Ghana Braids Style

Instagram / braids_bylauren

There’s no harsh lightening or bleaching treatments on your own natural hair, there’s no dealing with the dryness or breakage afterwards. It’s the best blonde idea you ever had!

5. Jumbo Cornrows

Not just a look that lasts the distance and looks great, Ghana braids hairstyles like these are great because they can be worn in thicker or thinner braids dependant on your preferences.

Jumbo Cornrows Protective Style for Black Women

Instagram / black_beautyworld

The easiest way to enter the world of Ghana braids is with these jumbo beauties – easy, faster than with smaller braids, and much easier to take care of.

6. Black & White Ghana Braids

We immediately wanted to sing that old Michael Jackson song, Black or White, when we saw these fabulous braids and to be honest, there is something a little 90’s throwback about the style and colour.

Black and White Ghana Braids Style

Instagram / braidsgang

The 90’s are back. Haven’t you spotted everyone wearing those tight plastic chokers around their necks again?

7. Friends who braid together, stay together.

Long braids are always in fashion, and for a look that Beyonce would be proud of, wear yours with some added length. Super long braids need to be worn at least once in your life.

Popular Black Braided Hairstyle

Instagram / ezimprovedbeauty

We wouldn’t advocate them all the time however, the length can be very heavy and this will have a detrimental effect on your scalp. With repeated use of heavy extensions, you may find that you start to suffer with hair loss which may even end up being permanent.

8. Ghana Braids into an Elegant Updo

If you want to keep the hair up and away from your face for the majority of the summer,  a thick and twisted updo is a great idea.

Ghana Braids into an Elegant Bun

Instagram / iamorhair__

If you enjoy wearing your braids long and loose on the other hand, with the capability of styling them in the same way that you would style ‘regular’ hair, thinner braids are more than likely going to be the better option for you.

9. Ghana braids are also known as banana braids.

There has been some investigations into the history of Ghana braids and it is believed that they could date to as far back as 500BC which, as far as hairstyles go, is actually very impressive.

Banana Braids for Black Women

Instagram / sadedoesmyhair

It was Ancient Africans who rocked the look initially, with both sculptures and hieroglyphs depicting both men and women with braids in their hair, looking remarkably like the Ghana braids we’re showing you here.

10. Ghana Cornrows

Straight-back Ghana braids hairstyles were the more traditional look back in the ‘olden days’.

Ghana Braids Cornrows Hairstyle for Black Women

Instagram / luscioushairbraiding

The type and style would often depend on things such as ethnic background, social status, religion and even kinship.

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