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29 Festive Christmas Nail Art Ideas


Christmas is coming! The holiday season is a time where fashion and beauty becomes fun, vibrant and glittery. An easy way to give your look a festive vibe is with nail art. So, we have put together a list of 25 of the best Christmas nails. There is a nail design for everyone, take a look and find your favourite.

1. 3D Candy Cane Christmas Nails

First up we have this 3D candy cane nail idea. Candy canes are very festive and make cute nail designs. This art has a candy cane accent nail, there is also a glitter nail as well dark green nails. You could recreate this easily at home, you will need a green polish, glitter polish and a candy cane. Candy canes like these can be bought online.

Source: @badgirlnails

2. Snowman Nail Idea

We couldn’t have a Christmas list without mentioning snowmen! These iconic characters are in movies, songs and can be built on snowy days. Our next nails feature awesome snowman art. Each nail has been painted with coal button and scarf design. We love this and you could recreate yours with a different colored scarf to make it unique.

Source: @adventuresinacetone

3. Bauble and Trees Christmas Nails

A big part of Christmas is the Christmas tree. So, it is no surprise that the trees inspire nail art. This next design features a cute multi tree pattern and a bauble on a Christmas tree. There is also a glitter and polka dot design. Nails like these would be perfect for any Christmas occasion from putting up the tree to the big day.

Source: @phenomenail

4. Christmas Holly Nails

Next we have this super stylish holly design. Holly is featured on Christmas cards, is in songs and is a popular decoration. The design featured has two dark green nails with two nails covered in holly. Nails like this would be great for a Christmas party. The art will need some practice but it will be worth it.

Source: @nailsbycambria

5. Cute Christmas Nail Designs with Reindeer

Reindeer are very popular at Christmas, especially Rudolph. This next nail art idea features one accent nail with a cute Rudolph design. The rest of the nails have been decorated with jazzy glitter. Nails like these would suit any age and will look pretty all the way through the festive season.

Source: @nailistayco

6. Christmas Wreath Nail Design

Christmas wreaths are seen on many doors during the holidays. These decorations can now also appear on your nails. This next nail art idea features a Christmas wreath design, just the top of the wreath is visible. Nails like these are cute and stylish. You could recreate these and maybe make the ribbon a different color.

Source: @just1nail

7. Snowflake and Glitter Nails

Christmas is in the winter season so snowflakes are popular designs at that time of year. These nails feature a festive red polish with a white accent nail with red snowflakes. The color combo and design are perfect for Christmas. You can also jazz the nails up by adding a glitter accent nail just like this one.

Source: @nailartbygeorgia

8. Red Nails With Candy Cane Stripe Accent Nail

If you liked the candy cane design from earlier in the post, then you may like our next idea to. These nails have been inspired by the traditional red and white candy canes. Each nail is painted red with one accent nail. The accent nail features red and silver stripes. We love this stylish design and it is simple to recreate. All you will need is the two colors.

Source: @cbnails_it

9. Sparkling Nails with Christmas Tree Accent Nails

Want Christmas nails that will wow? Then this next idea is for you. The nails feature a bold all over glitter and two Christmas trees. To create the glitter look you will need a nail polish like Serendipity. We love these glam and festive nails!

Source: @nailsbycambria

10. Pretty Christmas Tree Nail Art

Your nails don’t have to be red to be festive. You could go for a cool minty shade like this one. These nails also feature a Christmas tree accent nail. Nails like these are perfect for the ladies who want to celebrate Christmas in style. A color like this will also suit a snowflake design.

Source: @glittr

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