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25 Fun Ways to Wear Ballerina Nails


Ballerina nails have become increasing popular over the past few seasons.  Nail fashion is constantly changing but we think this trend is staying around for the near future.  To create ballerina nails, you need to narrow the sides and your nail tips need to be flat.  Ballerina nails work better with longer nails as the tips need length to flat8.  In addition, when you taper the sides of your nails, you are taking away the nails support.  All colours look amazing with this nail shape and when we paint our nails, this shows off our character and flare.

Have a look through our 25 fun ballerina nails and see what colours and jazzy designs tickles your fancy.  Have fun!

1. Gold and Nude Matte Nails

Who needs glossy nails these days?

Gold and Nude Matte Coffin Nails

Source: pinterest.com

Glossy nails are so last season girl, go for a matte finish to finish the look.  Many nail polish brands now offer a matte finish top coat which turns any nail polish into a matte finish.  It works the same way the shiny top coat does but just makes your nails matte, rather than a shiny look.  Gold is a colour that mixes well with a nude shade.  Add the shiny and glam to the gold nails and keep the nude nails in a matte finish.  This will enhance the ballerina shaped nails.

2. Matte Burgundy and Nude Nails

If you prefer a shiny finish to your nude shade, this would work for you.

Matte Burgundy and Nude Coffin Nails

Instagram / riyathai87

Adding a matte finish to the burgundy nails will make both nail colours stand out.  The nude nails will be immaculate with the shiny top coat whilst the burgundy nails will look amazing in the matte finish.  You can always add a few nail gems like the photo above to add the shine.

3. Gold Sequin and Dark Nude Nails

Dark nude is a great colour for nails.

Gold Sequin Ballerina Coffin Nails

Instagram / malishka702_nails

It is classy and elegant.  If you are wanting a subtle colour with a bit of wow, you can always team dark nude and gold.  When I say gold, I don’t mean just any gold, I mean gold sequins!

4. Pink Matte Nails with Rhinestones

Having a neon pink shade will highlight your nail shape.

Pink Matte Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

Instagram / fiina_naillounge

This is a gorgeous, fun and girly colour to have.  It is vibrant and sexy, especially when you add the rhinestones!  You don’t have to have a set design for your rhinestones, just go with what you like and feel at the time.

5. Mint and Neutral Nail Design

Mint is a summer colour so grab your mint shades and get painting your nails before summer is over.

Mint and Neutral Coffin Nail Design

Source: pinterest.com

Having a mint shade is all you need for your nails to stand out.  It’s a fun colour and we love how energizing these nails are!

6. Bright Matte Design for Summer

Painting your nails needs to be fun.

Matte Coffin Nail Design for Summer

Instagram / riyathai87

Summer is fun too so choose a vibrant summer colour for your nails.  Having a bright colour with the matte finish, looks stunning.  Add a few nail gems and designs to stand out even more so.

7. Marble Design

Are you looking for something different and unique?

Marble Coffin Nail Design

Instagram / classyclaws

Try having fun marble design nails.  This may look hard to achieve but we have given a few simple steps for you to follow.

What you will need: cup of water, light colour base nail polish, other colours that you choose to have, nail tape, a cocktail/nail stick and nail polish remover.

Choosing your nail polish colours:  You can opt for the same colours as the photo above, or you can choose your own colours.  We think these colours create the most spectacular marble effect.

Choose your base colour and apply:  When choosing your base colour, bear in mind that it needs to be a lighter colour than your other colours you have chosen, so that the marble look will take effect.  Apply the base coat and wait for it to dry completely.   

Use nail tape:  This is for the skin around your nails so that you don’t get all the nail polish everywhere.

Use your cup of water and add drips of nail polish:  Add a few drops of your chosen nail polishes, all colours you have chosen and keep adding a few drips.

Use your cocktail/nail stick to swirl: Use your stick to gently swirl the water around to create the design.

Dip your fingers into the water:  Start with one finger and drip it in the cup of water so that your nail will hit the water surface only.  You will then see the design forming on your nail.  Continue with all the other fingernails.

Once you have done all fingernails and left them to dry:  Your fingernails must be completely dry before you remove the nail taping off your skin.

Apply a topcoat:  Now you have your beautiful marble design, apply your top coat, either a matte or a shiny finish, whichever you prefer.

8. Simple, Gold Nail Design

Gold is for winners!

Gold Coffin Ballerina Nail Design

Instagram / glambymeli

Yes and you can be a winner too with these beautiful gold, stunning ballerina nails!

9. Matte Design with White Rhinestones

Pretty in pink and white.

Neutral Matte Coffin Nail Design

Instagram / fiina_naillounge

Mixing delicate shades will create girly, fun and cute nails.  This pretty pink nail polish looks stunningly beautiful with the matte top coat and the white rhinestones.  It’s almost like a fairy-tale!

10. Matte Ombre Design

If you haven’t tried ombre nails, you have to!

Matte Ombre Coffin Nail Design

Instagram / riyathai87

They are so much fun and create a magical finish.  Firstly, you need to choose two different nail polish colours.  We suggest you choose colours that are quite different from one another to see the contrast.

You will need:  A sponge with one flat side, cocktail/nail sticks or toothpicks, foil or baking paper.

  1. Use the light colour that you have chosen and apply to your nails.
  2. Wait for it to dry completely.
  3. On a flat surface, pour both colours right next to each other, edges touching.
  4. Using a cockstail/nail stick or a toothpick, swirl the colours together when they both joined.
  5. Grab your sponge and dab it down on the nail colours.
  6. Then dab the sponge straight onto your nail.
  7. Then apply to all nails like so.
  8. Apply a top coat.

It may take a few tries to perfect, but you can do it.

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