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25 Copper Balayage Hair Ideas for Fall


With all the new hair trends floating around, it is hard to keep up.  Balayage has been popular for some time and it looks like it’s here to stay.  If you are thinking of having a makeover with your hair, you should consider having Balayage hair.  Balayage hair is a French technique that means to sweep or to paint.  The colour is applied by freehand so no foil or caps are needed.  It creates natural looking locks and can be subtle or bold.  You don’t have to stick to one hair technique, many people are choosing to mix balayage with ombre to create a unique style.  The choice is yours.

Copper tones are warm and work so well in the fall.  Natural looking shades look fab and amazing.

We have found 25 copper balayage hair styles that look stylish, gorgeous and you will definitely be the envy of all your friends!

1. Dark to Copper Ombre Hair

Do you have dark roots?

Dark to Copper Ombre Hair Color Idea

Instagram / aqua_mdyyc

Dark roots to copper ombre hair looks great.  Opting for lighter hair tips, will show off your hair cut and colour.

2. Bright Copper Lowlights

Many people tend to dye their hair darker in the cold seasons and lighter in summer.

Bright Balayage Copper Lowlights

Instagram / balayagedandpainted

This is a great idea.  It allows you to keep changing your appearance, meaning you won’t get bored of your hairstyle or colour.  By the time you know it, you will be dyeing it again.  This is a perfect colour for fall.  Bright copper low lights will add a hint of colour to your darkened hair.

3. Copper, Golden and Caramel Highlights

Copper, golden and caramel tones work so well together.

Copper, Golden and Caramel Highlights for Brunettes

Instagram / butterflyloftsalon

If you can’t decide on these shades, have all 3!  They look so good together and would 100% recommend.

4. Bright Copper Balayage

Have bright coloured locks to show off your curls.

Bright Copper Balayage Hair for Fall

Instagram / chaselove_stylist

Bright copper will enhance your hair making it look healthy and shiny.

5. Dark to Light Copper

Are you looking for a low maintenance style?

Dark to Light Copper Balayage Hair

Instagram / christinakreitel

If you’re too busy and want to save money, try this dark to light copper style.  This is a low maintenance hairstyle that looks amazing with roots showing.  No need to book your hair appointment just yet, let your roots show and embrace your hair.

6. Golden Copper Hair

Golden locks look divine.

Golden Copper Balayage Hair Color Idea

Instagram / hairbyelena

This is a tip for everyone who doesn’t want to dye their whole head, go for balayage.  As you can see from the photo above, the colour is on the hair ends only.  You can have your natural locks then add a little touch of colour with a golden shade to show off your ends.

7. Red Copper Ombre

Ombre and balayage hair techniques are great together.

Dark to Light Copper Ombre Hair

Instagram / hairbymisssophie

They create gorgeous dimensions, which look great from every angle.

8. Copper Ombre Lob

Show off your locks with a bright copper shade.

Red to Copper Balayage Ombre Long Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / hairbytashalouisec

If you are feeling brave, have your hair chopped into a gorgeous lob style too.

9. Orange Copper Hair

Orange and copper are two colours that are warm tones.

Orange Copper Balayage Hair Color Idea

Instagram / hairbytashalouisec

They look fab when paired together.

10. Red Copper Balayage

Red is a sexy and feminine colour.

Red Copper Balayage Hair Color Idea

Instagram / hairbytashalouisec

Be the envy of all of your friends with this red copper tone.  Red copper will instantly make your skin glow and that is perfect for the fall.  It will look great down as well as tied back.

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