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23 Simple Yet Eye-Catching Nail Designs


Nails do not have to be painted in vibrant colors and do not have to be full of gems and flowers to get noticed. You can have simple nail designs that will catch everyone’s eye as sometimes less is more. We have found 23 simple yet eye-catching nail designs. There is a nail idea for every style and you can have a go at recreating them yourself at home. Take a look to find your favourite.

1. Light Nails with Gems

A simple way to jazz up any nail color is with gems. Little crystals like the ones featured will subtle sparkle and will give your manicure a touch of glamour. You could choose any nail polish color but choose a light one like this for an elegant look. Gems are low in cost and are easy to apply.

Light Nails with Gems for Simple Yet Eye-Catching Nail Designs

Source: @amur_nails

2. Pink and Glitter Nails

Glitter polishes are a great way to make your nails look stylish. A glitter accent nail will give you an eye-catching manicure. These nails have a pink polish and a gold glitter accent design. This combination is cute and it could be easily recreated at home. All you will need is two similar shade nail polishes. You could even choose a different color combo for your own unique look.

Pink and Glitter Nails for Simple Yet Eye-Catching Nail Designs

Source: @nails_by_emilyz

3. Light Nails with Metallic Stripes

Our next nail design idea features an accent nail with metallic strips. The strips create a professional looking manicure and you can create this look at home. All you will need is metallic nail tape, nail polish and top coat. You paint on your polish and it let it dry. Then cut small stripes of tape, put them onto the nail in strips and cut off the ends. Add top coat and you are done! You could create something light and elegant like this or something vibrant and bold.

Light Nails with Metallic Stripes for Simple Yet Eye-Catching Nail Designs

Source: @makeup_manicure_nail

4. Shimmering Nails

You can give your nails the wow factor by making them shimmer! These nails have a subtle silvery sparkle and you can create something like this with a shimmering nail polish. These polishes can be bought online in a variety of colors. You can have different polishes in your collection to create different sparkling looks. Nails like these will suit anyone for any occasion.

Shimmering Nails for Simple Yet Eye-Catching Nail Designs

Source: @linh_noheanails_7

5. Soft Color Manicure

To create an elegant manicure easily try to use soft polish colors. This manicure has used a very light pink and beige polish to create beautiful nails. With just two shades you can simply create nails that will give everyone envy. A design like this will suit all nail lengths.

Soft Color Manicure for Simple Yet Eye-Catching Nail Designs

Source: @saya_____ppp

6. Glitter and Chrome

You don’t have to use bright colors to attract attention to your nails. You could create a stylish nude manicure like this one. It features a shiny nude polish, light glitter polish and a chrome polish. This combination is trendy and statement making. Nails like this can easily be recreated all you will need is 3 nail polishes.

Glitter and Chrome for Simple Yet Eye-Catching Nail Designs

Source: @nailsbysiobhangalloway

7. Matte Nails and Glitter

Matte nails are must haves for 2017. This next manicure has created a simple but stylish design with blue matte polish and glitter. Nails like these will get everyone’s attention. All you will need for a mani like this is a matte polish and a glitter polish. You could also have a color underneath the glitter. Choose any color combination for nails like these. The design possibilities are endless.

Matte Nails and Glitter for Simple Yet Eye-Catching Nail Designs

Source: @spademanos.fp

8. Colorful Gem Nail Designs

A subtle and simple way to jazz up your nails is by adding colored gems. This design has used a different colored crystal on each nail. The gems add color to a neutral manicure. You could use any colored sparkles but make sure you use a light color nail polish so the gems can pop.

Colorful Gem Design for Simple Yet Eye-Catching Nail Designs

Source: @nailsalonniche

9. White Glitter Nails

White is a soft, chic and elegant color. It does stand out on its own but this manicure has stepped up the game by adding a white glitter accent nail. The glitter creates a trendy statement making manicure. You can create this look at home with a white nail polish and white glitter polish.


10. Glam Glitter

Looking for glam nail designs then this next pick could be for you. These nails have a soft neutral shade on all the nails accept one. The other nail is covered in gold glitter. The use of glitter on long nails creates a glamorous manicure. You could recreate this with similar colors, try out the long nail length for a trendy look.

Glam Glitter for Simple Yet Eye-Catching Nail Designs

Source: @mznguy3n

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