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23 Reverse Balayage Hair Color Ideas


Reverse balayage is one of the biggest hair trends of 2018. For those who haven’t heard of this latest look, it is like balayage but the colors are opposite. So instead of dark colors gradually going lighter, your roots will be lighter and the ends of your hair dark. There are so many beautiful looks that can be created, to give you some hair inspiration we have found 23 of the best reverse balayage hair color ideas. There is a hairstyle for everyone!

1. Reverse Brunette Balayage

First up we have this beautiful brunette balayage. The top of the hair is a light brown and the hair gradually turns into a dark chocolate tone. This is a subtle color change so is perfect for the ladies who want to try something new without being too bold.

Reverse Brunette Balayage Hair

Source: @accentricsagehill

2. Warm Blonde to Dark Brown Reverse Balayage

If you want a hairstyle that makes more of a statement, then this next idea could be for you. The top of the hair is a very light blonde that goes into a warm caramel tone and then into brown. This is a very trendy look and will suit blondes and brunettes.

Warm Blonde to Dark Brown Reverse Balayage

Source: @glamzacom

3. Red Reverse Balayage

Next, we have reverse balayage for ladies with red hair. The hair starts off with a rich red tone which gradually goes darker until it is brown. This color change from red to brown is very stylish. This would work with many red shades and the end color could be darker or lighter.

Red Reverse Balayage

Source: @maymaysmakeovers

4. Light Blonde Balayage

Light blonde and brown hair colors compliment each other beautifully. This is also true for reverse balayage. Here we have a very light blonde that blends into brown tones. Any blonde shade would work for this look from platinum to darker blondes. It is a chic hairstyle that will suit everyone.

Light Blonde Reverse Balayage

Source: @jenn.hairdresser

5. Soft Purple Reverse Balayage

You don’t have to use natural colors for reverse balayage. Maybe you could go for something bold and daring like purple! This trendy lady has a super light blonde on the roots that blends into a soft and pretty purple. A hairstyle like this is perfect for the ladies who want a complete hair change.

Soft Purple Reverse Balayage

Source: @hair.by.fusion

6. Dark Tone Balayage

Balayage doesn’t have to show an obvious color change. You could choose something subtler like this. Her hair is dark from root to tip, but you can see different tones. This is great for anyone who wants to try the trend without changing their hair too much.

Dark Tone Reverse Balayage

Source: @christine.hairartist

7. Beachy Reverse Balayage

Summer seems far away but it will be here in no time. Our next reverse balayage hair idea is perfect for summer. It has the light sun kissed blonde that gradually goes into a dark brown. This is a great choice for the ladies who want to change their look for the new warmer seasons.

Layered Reverse Balayage Hair

Source: @jadebeautyco

8. Bold Balayage

You can choose the amount of dark color you would like. You can have subtle color added or choose a lot of bold color like this. This lady started with light blonde hair and had a dark brown tone added. This looks super stylish and you can see the difference yourself.

Blonde and Brunette Reverse Balayage

Source: @hairbystephanie_jean

9. Trendy Blonde to Dark Brown Reverse Balayage

With balayage and reverse balayage you can choose where you want color to start and how much blend you would like. This next hairstyle doesn’t start to blend until half way and then the color doesn’t get very dark until the end. We love this look and it would suit a variety of color combinations.

Trendy Blonde to Dark Brown Reverse Balayage

Source: @cuttershair

10. Dark Blonde Balayage

Here we have another blonde to brunette balayage. The color change is subtle because the blonde is quite dark. This is stylish look and because the color change is not bold it will look great even when a new trend has arrived. If you want a hairstyle that will not go out of fashion quickly choose colors close to your own.

Dark Blonde to Brunette Reverse Balayage

Source: @hairbykenzieee

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