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23 Neon Nail Designs That Are Perfect for Summer


Are your nails looking a little drab and boring? Then add a pop of color to your look with neon! Neon nail colors are bright, stylish and will be amazing for the summer season. Not only that, but this trend is also loved by stylish celebs like Rihanna and Katy Perry. So, these nail designs are a must-have for those who follow A-List fashion and beauty. To give you some inspiration, we have found 23 of the best neon nail ideas on Instagram. You will find sparkly nails, trendy patterns, vibrant shades and more. Be daring and try one of these bold nail designs!

1. Matte Neon Orange Nails

The first neon nail idea we have to share with you is this vibrant orange look. These nails are long and coffin shaped with a zesty orange neon shade. A manicure like this would be perfect for the summer because it is fun, bright and stylish. A beautiful orange color can be worn on any nail length and shape.

Matte Neon Orange Nails

Source: @ulovemegz

2. Colorful Nails with Sparkly Accent Nail

Looking for nails that are bright and bold? Then you need to check out this next idea. The nails start with a dark pink color on the little finger and gradually change shade from pink to orange, and then finally yellow on the thumb. It is a beautiful color change and there is even a little sparkle too. Recreate this look or you can create a similar manicure with different colors.

Colorful Nails with Sparkly Accent Nail

Source: @nailsbyjuni

3. Matte Neon Yellow Nail Idea

Neon colors look amazing when paired with ombre. This next idea is a gorgeous example! The nails are nude and neon ombre with a neon accent nail. It is a trendy and vibrant nail design. The look was created with Sugar & Cream powder colors in shades Nerds and Sand.

Matte Neon Yellow Nail Idea

Source: @jadedangbeauty

4. Pink Ombre Nails

Next, we have another ombre nail idea but this one uses two bright colors. The nails are light pink and then change to neon pink. We love the two colors together and it shows how versatile the ombre technique is. Try a similar look to this or choose your own vibrant colors. Nails like these will be perfect for the summer.

Elegant Pink Ombre Nails

Source: @1masternails

5. Candy Neon Nails

Want a manicure that stands out from the crowd? Then these nails are for you. Here we have multi color neon nails. Most of the nails have two bright colors but the little finger nails are just one shade. This design is so vibrant and fun and it reminds us of delicious candy! Recreate this look or create your own candy neon nails.

Long, Candy Neon Nails

Source: @tlnailz

6. Neon Ombre and Gold Nails

Our next idea is glam and stylish! These nails are nude and neon ombre with added flashes of gold. The gold really jazzes up the neon and gives it a chic look. You can create a gold design like this with gold leaf nail foils and you can find tutorials online on how to apply it to your nails. It is a gorgeous look and the gold will suit any neon shade.

Neon Ombre and Gold Nails

Source: @margaritasnailz

7. Polka Dots and Stripes

Next, we have a cute neon idea. The manicure features two polka dot nails, one stripe nail and one glitter nail. It is fun design and it will brighten up your look. The nails were created with Lime Crime nail polishes in shades Parfait Day, Milky Ways and Pastelchio. For the glitter nail, Glam Polish in shade Lost Your Marbles was used. Recreate the whole look or just one of the nail designs you like best.

Polka Dots and Stripes - Summer Nail Design

Source: @xxlovelauren

8. Colorful Ombre Nail Idea

Can’t decide which neon color to try? Then why not use a different color on each nail?! Here is a gorgeous example. The nails are nude with bright, colorful tips. Some of the colors used are quite light and some are vibrant neon tones. The nails have an ombre look but because the tips are bright, it has a French manicure vibe too. This is a beautiful idea and it will suit everyone.

Colorful Ombre Nail Idea

Source: @nailsartparis_

9. Matte, Bright Orange Nails

If you are looking for nails that are simple to create and easy to wear, then this idea is for you. The nails are all one neon orange shade. A color like this will suit any nail shape and length and it is the perfect look for the summer and vacation. You can find similar orange colors online.

Matte, Bright Orange Nails

Source: @nailcocktail

10. Pink Neon, Glitter and Rhinestones

Next, we have a pretty neon look. Some of the nails are sparkly pink, one is all pink, and the other nail has pink tips and crystals. It is a beautiful and glam nail idea. Try the whole look or create just one of the designs. You can also recreate the same manicure with a different neon color.

Pink Neon Nails with Glitter

Source: @nailsbyjuni

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