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23 Cool DIY Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts For Every Girl


rainbow sprinkle bath bombs

rainbow sprinkle bath bombs (via styleoholic)

Beauty DIYs are among the best gifts for every girl because they are all-natural, personalized and because handmade gifts are on top. Today I’ve prepared a whole bunch of beauty DIYs of different kinds for Valentine’s Day, so they are pink, heart-shaped, with rose petals and totally cute looking and useful at the same time. Bath bombs or soaps are necessary for every bathroom, and for this holiday you can make them heart-shaped, with sprinkle or flower petals. Bath salts and soaks are also a great gift, just make them pink or hot red. Make a cool body or lip scrub in pink or red, with flower petals, or a lip gloss with raspberry, and any girl will love it. Choose a DIY and go crafting!

wild pollen lip balm

wild pollen lip balm (via https:)

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